Saturday, January 17, 2009


He looks as if he is not moved at all. He reads about them in the free newspapers the office provides, scans the reports on the net and watches them on the idiot box...but he keeps his quiet. He doesnt take to the streets to participate in the demos, nor does he attends the seminars and forums taking place around him .

Until one day, he breaks the silence....

He says, "Allah never puts the strength of a battalion of army as a condition for success". 

He tells a story.
One of the day the Lion of Allah entered the holy city, victorious without shedding a single drop of blood ....... in a patched coarse garment, riding a weak horse. Not a glance cast on the lines of beautiful seductive women on their right and left. Those seductress then went back to their leader head hung low in shame. And they said,

"Those army of muslims are not human, they are angels...Their hearts are full of the greatness of their Lord, nothing could possibly tear them away from it. Hence the success.....". 

The enemy came forward surrendering the key of the sacred mosque. The fear of Allah combined with the strict adherence to sunnah were enough to put fear in their enemies heart, rendered them helpless.
(a slightly different version I then read in ASHARAH MUBASH-SHARAH authored by Mohammad Iqbal Siddiq... "A very interesting incident in the annals of history occured during the siege of Jerusalem. The Patriach of the town refused to surrender the place to any one else except the Caliph himself. Hadrat 'Umar( Allah be pleased with him) acceded to the request and traveling from Medina, with a single attendant and a dromedary to ride upon turn by turn, he arrived at Jabia without any pomp or ceremony. The interesting part of the episode was that when Hadrat 'Umar reached the gate of the city to meet the deputation led by the Patriarch, the attendant was riding the camel whereas the Caliph was walking before it holding the string in his hand. This scene proved to be so convincing and re assuring to the Patriarch that he immediately flung open the heavy gate and surrendered the town to the Caliph")

And he continues....

"That land is a holy, sacred land. The chosen place. The soil of anbiyaa'. When you are living in a chosen place, you are the chosen ones. You behaves accordingly. You follows the footstep of the anbiyaa' before you. You emulates their ways as far as you could. You live your life as shown by them....dress like them, eat like them, think like them......When you fails to do that, you invites the wrath of your Lord upon you.
You dress like those enemies of yours, in jeans and t-shirts, you eats like them, you speak like them, you live your daily life, thinking , behaving exactly like them. Your so called leaders, fight among themselves.
In those calmer days, when the attack on you were not this obvious, the mu'ezzin called out azans and the imams got ready to lead the prayers, but there are more pillars than devotees in that holy mosque. You didnt appreciate it, took it for granted, so now it is being taken away from you. Sadder still, you are being chased away from your own homes as if you dont deserve to be there anymore....."

He prays for you people nights after nights. Way before Dec 26th 2008...........He begs Allah to pardon you. He cried buckets for hidayah. He pleads to the Lord to give understanding, the taufeeq for himself, his family and you and the whole of ummah...Indeed we are not behaving the ways expected from the true slaves of Allah. Most of the times, our minds are clouded by our own intellectual, shadowing us away from the truth.

He sends money regularly to help those innocent kids, been doing that long before this outburst. He doesnt need to boycott the products as he doesnt use them save for a basic, unavoidable few. He never consciously visit any of those fancy high prices franchise outlets. But they sometimes come to him, not at his own expenses. The rizqs are from Him indeed.

I listen, eyes glisten, and I feel enlightened...........

Meanwhile, Abang's favourite game that he plays by himself nowadays is, launching intelligent rockets from Gaza to the other side complete with self-produced sound system.
Adik is changing her ambition yet again to become a scientist so that she can invent that rockets.


kakchik said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, Subhanallah. I can just say that.

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Nor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just hope nobody feels offended....

As for reading challenge,I'll accept it!! (visited the link and left a comment oredi)

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Something I would like to forwards for others.

illa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

A different point of view which I think has been looked over in the whole "huha.."

I think some peole have forgotten or "overlooked" that all happens for a reason and is with the izin of Allah Almighty...whether good or bad.

Always,always,always go back to HIM in whatever circumstances..

Tis' a time to reflect....

Nor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ummi,thanks for visiting again though I cant visit for forwarding,frankly, I dont think its good enough...but if you do, please omit the link to this blog. Tq

Illa,thanks for being a faithful follower....and thanks for the 'insight'...
p/s Grey's blackwood is finishing,how? sempat ke nak order b4 your departure to UK?

ummi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam I link your blog in my blog. You should be able to visit my blog by clicking 'ummi' can't you?

Nice to 'meet' karkun wife blog at last!. KAt mana di malaysia?

Nor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam back Ummi...
Clicking 'ummi' will result in 'profile not available'....please do something about this so that I can reciprocate .

Saya kat Kubang Kerian Kelantan...mai lah keluar jemaah masturat kat sini...

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My blog;

at the moment ada jemaah masturat malaysia buat usaha di UK.

ummi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam Nor,

Tahun bila kat UK? Jemaah masturat ni sorang dari Seri Petaling, Melaka, Johor dan Negeri Sembilan.

Lepas ni Nor bolehlah keluar UK pulak, Insya Allah.

Jannah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Assalamualaykum dear sister,

I just wanna say how delighted i am to stumble upon your blog.. finally dpt jumpa blog masturat :D mashaAllah semuanya atas izin Allah.

Anyways saya bru baca bbrapa entry but already ive bookmarked it in my fav list, inshaAllah i'll be a frequent in here. you have so much love for your family, i can feel your sentiments.

May Allah shower upon you n yr family endless blessings, Ameen.

Humbly request for du'as too.

Jannah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sorry for the totally off topic comment, so back to topic yes.. mashaAllah truly an answer dr seorang yg fikir ummat.

It is a sad reality that muslims all over the world has been continuosly slaughtered and persecuted.. we can endlessly curse the kuffar for these but little do we muslims realized that only which Allah wants to happen shall happen. and more often we forget what Allah has reminded us of the nature of His wills:

"Whatever misfortune may befall you is for what your own hands have earned; and yet He pardons many things." (As Shuara:30)

But then again Allah turunkan malapetaka sebagai peringatan utk hamba2 nya yang mudah lupa. Theres a reason why we are here and they are there, which only Allah knows. Just to be there in the mid of war confronted by the enemies endlessly day and night is mind blowing, but if it is thru this mujahada that they would gain iman instantly, then only Allah knows what bountiful rewards awaits them. may Allah reward those who suffer for His causes, alleviate their sufferings and elevate their status, and grant us hidayah and steadfastness and eventually, husnul khatima.

Nor said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam Jannah...
thanks for visiting and leaving comments that I truly dont deserve!!

I've been busy for the last few days, tak sempat pun nak tgk blog. My mum was admitted for evolving stroke, but better now...she's missing my dad who is now on his 1st cillah of 2009.

Do you blog? If you do,can I visit yours?

Jannah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam sis,

Hope u're doing fine putting things together. May Allah grant your mom good health and ease her blues (of missing yr father) mashaAllah dgr pon sejuk hati.

hm my blog is nothing much abt me but its there to receive those who visits, inshaAllah. ;)