Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yes I DID!! But, errr…only on camera , hehehe..And it wasnt even me who snapped the pic! It was Fatihah (the girl I’m training to replace me at the shelter home) who did it.

I was too astounded to do anything. It happened right smack in front of my eyes!!
We were walking towards my car, having finished the day's work at the office. I didnt get to see the actual ‘snatching’ action, but I saw the snatcher being chased, caught and handcuffed . It was horrifying watching  three guys chasing him, moving swiftly amidst the traffics and ended up tackling the snatcher face down in a nearby petrol station.

And the fact that one of them produced a handcuff….(it was like watching a scene from Gerak Khas ) . 
Apparently,they were plain-clothed policemen who were actually patrolling that area. Unknown to me, the area in front of our office is actually one of the most targeted area for snatch-thief, thus the patrolling.
We actually had a lot of pictures and even one with his face right on camera but I dont feel right publishing it. And, oh, this guy was wearing a t-shirt with an " Impossible is Nothing" written boldly on the back....the other guys seen here (except the one in helmet) are the policemen.

I just cannot forget the guy’s face. I always have this image in my mind that a snatcher is a scruffy-looking, thin with an unkempt appearance…..but this guy totally did not fit into that. He couldnt be more than 20 years of age, have a strong body and surprisingly, good-looking. He looked just like your typical college-goers…..When he was caught, he got the gut to smile at people crowding in to take a look at him!!

People were saying that he was lucky the police were there, otherwise he would have been beaten to a pulp by the people. 
I felt uneasy for the rest of that day……I told Abang And Adik about the incident, showed them the pictures and as usual, poured my heart out to them. I told them how sad/ashamed his parents would feel should they get to know of their son being caught snatching……
Two days later…….
Adik and me were browsing the aisle of children clothing at Billion supermarket and it happened again!! And I saw the snatcher again. This time, surprise, surprise… was a teenage girl! Dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. I actually saw her when she was running away after snatching a necklace from a 6-year-old girl who was trailing behind her mother. The little girl cried out of pain as her neck was bleeding from the snatching and it was only then her mother realised and shouted for help. One of the sales attendant gave a chase but lost her in the midst of weekend shoppers.

Nowadays, Adik’s hand is always firmly in mine whenever we walk in the public places. Not that Adik is wearing any golden ornaments, but , still, I dont feel safe anymore. I feel suspicious to all youngsters hanging around in malls, on the bikes at the traffic lights and everywhere….
I know we are reading/hearing about this snatch-thief almost everyday in the media, but when it happened right in front of you, you get some sort of rude awakening…..

All I can think of is, all of us must double our effort in amr maaruf nahi mungkar works….this is the only sure-fire way to combat all these bad things happening around us…… 

p/s yes, i have a new template, thanks to Kak Cik, the petite lady with many blogs, talents and professions....

Monday, June 15, 2009


Abang is down with Rubella....on the very first day the school re-opens after a 2-week holidays. My poor darling boy...... He's covered from head to toe with angry red rashes. It started on the face and then rapidly spreaded to the trunk and limbs. We cannot be sure where did he get it. As the incubation period for this disease is 2 to 3 weeks, he might had contracted it from somebody way before school holidays.....and now, looks like Abang got himself another week of school holidays!!

Alhamdulilllah, regardless of the fever and itchiness, Abang is doing all what he's supposed to do. The five prayers, the daily qur'an recitation and hafadzan, the study and even his share of houseworks....I cannot help feeling proud seeing him doing all these.

Here's Abang, smiling, despite the discomfort.....

The rashes even got into his eyes and scalp too....but Abang is so patient, hardly scratching/complaining at all.

And here's Grey, faithfully accompanying Abang, in health and sickness.....

( she's wearing her new bow, a gift we brought home from our holidays to make up to her for leaving her ,
taken care of by our kind neighbour who is also madly in love with her, Makcik Zon...Grey, as usual, was upset to be left behind and rebelled by overeating.....result being, her tummy now touches the floor when she moves. Must put her on a strict diet......)

Well, Abang, just thank Allah that rubella strikes you in your young age, thus, minimal systemic upset. I got mine in my late twenties and had to suffer stiff joints for nearly a month , made worse by the notorious Scottish winter. As it is a self-limiting disease, Insya Allah, you'll be up and about in just a few days. Till then, enjoy your extended leaves!!