Monday, April 28, 2008


Abah was in Mingguan Malaysia today and above his was the photo of Datuk Dr.Zulkifli.

We rarely buy newspapers but bought it today after being alerted by Ummi early in the morning about Abah's handsome picture(her words not mine).

Adik and Abang came home from school,Adik took a look at the paper,read the headlines and quickly and loudly said,
"Abah,is it true that you and your friend are the pembunuh utama kanak-kanak?" 
Abah and me was stunned for a minute before we both laughed till it hurt.....Abah was expecting you to be proud of him and were actually waiting for you to say,' "wah...hensem jugak abah ni"...or something along that line....(you said Abah was handsome like a 'pengantin' the last time Abah was in the paper)

Adik, never occur to us that you would say that.Itu lah,lain kali,jangan cepat sangat nak buka mulut,baca habis2 dulu....Same thing happens in your monthly tests/exams.You always got it wrong because you didnt read the instruction carefully or fully for that matter.You are so bright Adik,please dont let it go to waste because of your carelessness.

Okay,okay...I know you are just a 9 yr old,but still....if I dont remind you again and again,you now what will happen,right Adik?

The article was about pneumococus as a leading cause of pneumonia,meningitis and bacteraemia that kills nearly a million children under five every year worldwide. And the paper was quoting Abah and Dr Zul of course. We were even there with Abah last week when it took place in KL Hilton. Surely you havent forgotten our weekend rendezvous with Abah last week.Abah drove from Ipoh,we hopped on Airasia and then by shuttle bus to KL Sentral all on our own....first time for Mama to handle you kids singlehandedly.Alhamdulillah everything went fine....and the next day,we got to experience a long commuter ride to Rawang which you two enjoyed very much as towards the end of the journey,we had the whole car to ourselves. You have been on commuter and LRT before,in KL and Sydney,but it has been so long that you two become very 'jakun' and excited...hehehe.

Anyway,yesterday was hilarious....

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Mama:"ABANG!!kenapa lambat sangat...I've been waiting here for 10 minutes,and its VERY HOT,you know I cannot stand heat,and Asar is very near now,you cannot make it to masjid again today.See,Adik is already in the car...."

Abang: "Sorry Mama,tadi Abang tolong teacher angkat barang dia masuk kereta.."

Mama:" Oh,Ok.....kenapa tak cakap awal2?"

Abang:"Mana Abang sempat nak cakap...Mama terus marah..."(sounds familiar?)

Mama:"Err...sowi...hehehe"(mama dah termalu sebenarnya)

Abang:"Pas tu kan Mama,teacher kata,dia doakan Abang dapat 5A dalam UPSR nanti"

Adik:" Wow,the fierce discipline teacher said that??? Abang ni memang semua cikgu suka Ma...the other day,Cikgu F pun dok puji2 Abang kat kelas adik...boring Adik!!"

Mama & Abang: "Jealous la tu.....hehehe...hahaha.."

That's Abang....the drop dead gorgeous,gentle,meticulous(bordering on OC) boy of 11 as of today.Ever so helpful,ready to sacrifice for those he loves,namely Mama,Adik and Abah(in that order....)

Mama sometimes worry about you Abang...with your so gentle attitude,I'm afraid people will take advantage on you. But when I voiced out my fear to Abah,Abah would say that I shouldnt think of it as your weakness.It is in fact,a gift from Allah.You are blessed with such pure heart,never to blame people,able to laugh at people poking fun at you and even to the extent of forgiving those bullying you.What's amazing is,it started at such tender age....

Do you still remember when you were in kindy? One boy,whose mother works in the same hospital as Abah,scratch your eyes till it bled. I was nearly fainted when I saw it and you were sobbing while all your teachers surrounded us and kept apologising,saying that it hapenned so fast.And then you said,"Mama..sob,sob...let's go to Boboy's house...sob.sob..." And I asked you why you wanna go there. " I want to tell his mother to teach him not to do it again. Boboy doesnt know it's's not his fault". Subhanallah...I was stunned,your words were like cold water vanquishing the anger that was amounting inside me. I was about to go see that lady doctor and have a word with her. Apparently,the boy was a menace and had caused many injuries to other kids before.

One day in Ramadhan while you were in standard one...Abang came to the car trembling with tears streaming on the cheek.

Mama: "Oh my poor boy,are you hungry? Abang tak tahan ya...kan Mama dah kata,kalau tak tahan Abang boleh buka puasa.Its okay,Allah tak marah...Abang kan kecik lagi"(mama hugged Abang)
Abang:"No,I'm still fasting..Abang boleh tahan..."
Mama: "So,why are you crying?"
Abang:" H and his friends force me to eat ice cream.They said they wont be friends with me if I didnt eat...tapi Abang tak nak buka..."

And many more incidents like that...H was and still a bully.Thank God he was dropped to a B class in standard 2.

Many a times Abang came back from school looking famish.Upon 'interrogation',he said that he gave his bekal to those asking for it. I was angry...but then Abah said that is just another good trait Allah has bestowed on him.I was just worried that those asking were just bullying him...but when I went to talk to the teachers,they said Abang gave his bekal to the poor students. And sometimes Abang was rewarded there and then. One of the teachers would belanja Abang upon seeing that.That's what I like about this school.Most of the teachers are observant of their students.

Mama is so proud of you Abang.....

Friday, April 4, 2008


Adik: "Mama,what have you been reading?"

Mama: "ADIK!! You are supposed to be sleeping!!"

Adik: " "Cant sleep, I miss Abah so much....."

Mama: " Me too...but you have to sleep now or else you have to go back to your room..."

Adik: "Ok,ok...but tell me what you have been reading,I saw you smiling..."

Mama: "I was reading blogs.......

Adik: "What's blogs?"

Mama: "Emm..something like the journal that you have,but people put them on the the way,did you write something new recently?"

Adik: "Yes,I did....Mama,you always read my journal,let me read yours"

Mama: "I dont have any..."

Adik:"You make one now...Abang and me will read them"

Mama: "I'm not good at writing....and I dont know what to write.."

Adik: "It's easy just write whatever you always tell us...your story,our story,Abah's story ,about Grey........"

Mama:"Ok, go back to sleep.I'll write something,but I cant promise to write regularly like you"

Adik: "Night Mama..."

So,Adik,here I am ...making good of my promise few nights ago.Read it...hahaha...I just reproduced our conversation....told ya,unlike you, I dont know what to write.You always have something to write...well,at your age,life is so full of new findings...keep it up.
As for me,I'll try to write something every now and then ,maybe answering your questions(andAbang's too) which keep coming all the times,some of which I just couldnt find an answer to. Or just cannot find the appropriate answer,one that you could digest...Till then,be good and go finish your homework!!