Friday, February 20, 2009

GREY ( part 2)

Disclaimer: do no read if you are not cat-lover
Previously on Grey’s anatomy…………

Since then,Grey has grown FAT, obese actually!

This is the new Grey;

Having been spayed, she now has no interest whatsoever to any tomcats anymore. Not even to Oren, the handsome Persian belongs to the orthopaedic surgeon next door. She used to be crazy over him, (masa tu Oren jual mahal),but wouldn’t even look at him now. The table is now turned on Oren who is currently wooing Grey every night with his sad love songs while Grey turns a deaf ear….bising je!!

Grey now spends her day doing nothing except sleeping and grooming, especially from 8 to 4 when both Abang and Adik are away at school. All these lazing around results in, what else but obesity!


With both of you home, she does move around a bit , doing things like;

checking on Adik’s grammar….(which is “boring”,she declares,"way too easy for me,I’m a doctor after all”)

Done with Adik in the garden, run up to the house to assist Abang in Maths……."aha, this IS challenging, I like!”
At dusk, gotta prowl the ground, making sure no alien is in the vicinity ( not that she ever catches anything pun,eksen je!)

back to the house for Maghrib…
"ooh, I've done so much work, a bit tired now...

waiting for Mama to finish solat
post-prayer,Qur’an time......
kinda sleepy here but still gotta make sure Adik's tajweed is in order!!

Then we have our nightly taalem, but no picture is available as everyone is sitting in it, including Grey…
And then…..
sleeping beuties...
off to la la land……( tonite is Adik’s bed, tomorrow will be Abang’s)


The ongoing battle…………
Adik insists that Grey looks like her...
Adik: “Look Mama, we look alike!”
Abang: “Excuse me,jangan perasan, Grey takes after me,okay!”
Grey: “WHAT? But I am a girl Abang…..and a cat too”
Mama: “WHAT EVER!!”

You be the judge………

p/s This entry is made purely to fulfil the promise I made to Adik to at least post 2 entries each month. Fact is, I’m back managing the shelter home and swamped with work, leaving no time to make a ‘clever’ entry… sorry I waste your precious time reading this…..

This is MY throne!! Grey: “Opps, Mama, you must include this, I look real cute here on my throne!”

Monday, February 9, 2009


A day before Abah left for his postponed work-trip to Makkah/Madinah/Egypt , he brought home a fat envelope addressed to his office. Few days before that, he mentioned it to me, saying that he received a weird letter, but didnt have time to really read it, so I asked him to bring it home so that I could read it for him. I counted, there were 15 pages altogether!!

Reading it, I first laughed my heart out, thinking this is seriously funny. The lady who wrote it must be someone outrageous. But then, I read it again, considered it and I changed my mind.

I know think of her as a desperate mother, writing that letter out of love for her only daughter. A mother who wants the best for her child that she would do everything including writing to a total stranger as long as she could ensure that the love of her life will get the best.
Well, only a mother could do that. That's a mother's love.
A love so great that she risked to be labelled 'crazy' for doing the things she thinks would benefit her child. When I told a couple of close friends about that letter, that's exactly what both of my friends think of her.

The gist of her letter is asking Abah to find a suitor to her 23-year-old daughter!!

Did she ever meet Abah? NO. But she wrote in her letter, she felt like she knew Abah by reading and keeping all newspaper clippings about Abah. Apparently, one of her hobbies is collecting articles on religion matters or religious figures.
( but Abah doesnt fall into any of those categories kan? and then again, bukan selalu sangat pun Abah masuk paper/magazine, less than 20 times I think, unless she already stalked Abah since his penilaian darjah lima where Abah was one of the early students of SK Parang Puting hehehe,we always laught at the name much to Abah's chagrin, who got 5A's and masuk paper).
Reading all those clippings, ( again I wonder as the articles were mostly on Abah's professional opinions and very little on personal life), gave her the idea that Abah is the right person for her to turn to. To assist her in her mission. In her own words, she sees Abah as, " memenuhi piawaian seorang lelaki muslim"... ( sorry, I cant help laughing again as I'm writing this....I even glaced at Abah's forehead expecting to see ada cap SIRIM ke!!)

And to 'help' Abah, she enclosed pictures of herself, her husband ( very succesful-looking man), the said daughter and their big bungalow. And some pictures of them on their trip to the holy lands.

By now, I could actually identify with her. The letter was written out of her fear for her daughter's future. She looks around and sees how the world around her rapidly degenerating. How the morals of people around her crumbling....She sees that her daughter's life is at risk if she just let her choose her own life partner. She doubts all men ever asked for her daughter's hand. (Apparently, there had been some, including a 'datuk' from Penang.) She is sure that only the man who lives a live according to the rules of Allah while having a good career could provide the life she wants for her beloved child. She thus, make it her mission to find that lelaki yang memenuhi piawaian teruna muslim .

I am truly, truly sorry for her. I feel like reaching out to her, but Abah said it is a bad idea. We shouldnt be encouraging her. I wish and pray that Allah will fulfill her hajat, for it is a very noble one. I feel bad for not helping when someone is so desperately asking for it. I think, we should at least call her and let her know we read her letter even if we cannot help.
Adik suggested that I write this in the blog and the lady will read it.
Adik, for your information, less than 10 people reads this blog, okay!

Anyway, Adik and Abang, I would like you to know , THAT is the real job of a mother.
To always think and worry about their children, since the day they were born, to the day they die, if we are still around that is.We worry just about anything.....and we worry so much that those who are not mothers read fathers sometimes think we are a bit off.

Not that we are complaining though.....
That unconditional love you give back is more than make up for it......
The daily confession of "saaaayang Mama!", those hugs and wet kisses constantly showered on me, and the open adoration in your eyes when you look at me, just make up for all the troubles and hardship I have to endure.
Thank you Abang and Adik, for that priceless love.....
And I love you back more than you love me!!