Saturday, October 29, 2011


Friday Evening
I'm writing this sitting in the car waiting for Abah praying the Maghrib prayer at Masjid Muhammadi. Its so serene here, the sight, the sound. We arrived 5 minutes before the azan was called out, and within that few minutes, cars lined up and filled both sides of the road shoulders. Family with children, youngsters, old men and women and all sort of people thronged the majestic building. Really evoke the grateful feeling of being a Kelantanese and  actually living here in me. Not 15 minutes ago I was horrified at the crowd at  KB Mall. Truth is, we very rarely go to the mall on weekends. So, what is normal to others was frowned upon by us. When we were coming out, there was still a long queue of cars waiting to get in and I was horrified that people were still coming in to the mall when Maghrib is so near. Well, there is a small surau in the mall anyway...

I came to realise that it has been a long while since Abah and me got to spend time alone together. In fact, I think  this is the very first time both of you, Abang and Adik, are not with us at night time....Adik went off to join her school program, camping on some beaches, around 3 this afternoon. Soon after, Abah and me decided to go out as Abah needed to find something for his never-ending DIY home and garden projects . And I wanted to find a gadget to transplant the seedlings that I saw on this new-found information -laden gardening blog. Sadly though, I couldnt find it...must try other garden stores soon. I have had enough  frustrating moments trying to transplant without injuring the seedlings...

So, there we were. Walking hand in hand, looking at things and ended up buying a micro fiber carpet for our bedroom. We were sold on the fact that they are super absorbent,stain resistant, do not shed, bla,bla,bla...the salesman claimed that it was made in Belgium but I doubted it. (Upon checking it on the net just now, true enough, I found that they  actually came from Taiwan!!) Then, we  got the tools Abah was looking for. Soon after,we passed the lingerie section and I was attracted to sports bra on sales. After a few minutes looking and discussing them with Abah, it suddenly hit me that Abah might be embarrassed to be there and and apologised to him. Abah was surprised and said no, he's not embarrassed at all, automatically reminding me of how around ten years ago, it was a  normal thing for us to do, browsing all departments together as I could never shop or even walk alone. But Adik, since you arrived and especially after you reached certain age, I think 9 was it, you have become my best shopping companion and I thoroughly enjoy your company that I have forgotten I used to do it with Abah!! You are always my best critic, honest as you are...(though sometimes I wish you are more subtle, like Abang....) 
When you turn 11 and and  we shared the same shoe sizes, you become more enthusiastic. Thank God, by this year your feet has grown even more and my shoes are safe!! Recently though, whenever both of us are wearing black abaya and walking/standing side by side, people have been commenting that we are of the same size. Something like," Eh, dah sama besar Mama ngan Adik"...Adik beams whenever anyone says this as it means she's taller, which is true....and errm, Mama beams too as she thinks (read: perasan) she looks smaller now, which she hopes is true!! And yes, we wear the same S size abayas.

Okay, Abah's here. He's finished the prayer....
Now we are having dinner at Hayaki Kopitiam at Jalan Kebun Sultan as I've been reading good  reviews by some bloggers here. Our verdict,the food's not bad at all.

And now we stopped again for Isya' and here I am again waiting in the car as I am on 'leave'.

Saturday Morning.
We just came back from tosai breakfast..
I thanked Abah upon realising that we were out till late last night so as to avoid from me having to be at home alone if Abah was to go to mosque from Maghrib to Isya' as thoughtful of him.

I have ran out of things to write.

Adik, please come home soon!!!!!
And, hooray!!! the day after tomorrow, Abang will be home too for Eid al-Adha, InsyaAllah...He'll be home for one week and all of us must brace ourselves for another surge in weight-gaining haha!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

An, the garden blog looks good, so is the thought of eating in the mentioned place, tapi lorni dok hujan, nak keluar pun tak dak mood.

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yes, I've been frequenting the blog sebab ada byk info tentang pokok2 yg memang kami pun tanam...dan terliur nak beli benih2 yg kena tunggu musim hujan habis for the kopitiam, the service is good and the price is lower than other kopitiams in KB i think...