Thursday, June 26, 2008


Adik keeps on asking me to blog about Grey,so here goes.......

She came to our place about two years ago. She was so fierce and oh so filthy with infection on one the ears. Despite all that, we could see that she is a beauty. Abang and Adik fell in love with her straight away....but she wouldnt let anybody touched her. So, you two fed her fresh milk under the garden table for one whole week. Then, slowly you lured her into our house and the rest is history....

The name came from Mama as at that time Mama was so into Grey's Anatomy and thought she has the same sad, green eyes as Meredith Grey. Later on mama realised that they do share same other traits as well (where opposite gender are concern......)

Mama and Abah were not exactly the cat-loving persons but Grey 'grows' on us. On most nights, we could hear Abah,as the last person to sleep in the house, lovingly cajoled Grey to go out through the window . He would talk to Grey as he would us. Something like," gi tidur kat luar sayang, esok Abah nak gi masjid, boleh masuk lagi..." . I myself never imagine that I could love a cat this much. But Grey is really a special cat. (I'm sure other cat owners feel the same towards their own cats!) Every morning, soon as Abah opens the door to go the mosque for Fajr solat, she would jump in and make a beeline to mama's room. Jump on the bed, kiss mama all over while meowing "maaaw,maaaw.....endlessly until mama wakes up. ( it really sounds like she's calling me Mama!) And if she found Mama already on the prayer mat, she will quietly sit besides me and kiss my head whenever I make prostration. After that, a hectic running to Abang and Adik's room waking and urging them to fill up her bowl in the kitchen. Post breakfast, a drink in the fish bowl as she wouldnt drink from any other water sources. While at it, she always do it very gently, making sure all the small fish in the bowl swim away to the bottom before she starts lapping up the water. Then, she will lazily stretch her full length and 'park' herself somewhere near Abang's room. from then on, she will make no fuss. We hardly hear her most of the times, not even when she's hungry. She will just follow us to the kitchen and look at us with her sad eyes which just melt your heart and make you feed her no matter how lazy you are and how fat she is!! She is a quiet cat. Except from her morning routine, we could hardly hear her if not for the bell on her neckcollar. And, every night, around 9, you will find her lounging on the carpet in our family area where we held our nightly ta'alim....that's really make her a part of our family as everyone in the family would be there for it.

Next week she has another appointment with the vet. I dread this.....this is the second attempt at spaying her. The first one was aborted as she was already carrying litters in her tummy when the vet cut her open. It was a heart wrenching occasion for all of us....seeing her waking up from induced sleep, walked like a drunken and oh, those stitches...they were awful. Mama's the only one she allowed to rub medication on it. And it was all for nothing. If only the animals hospital has a scanner......

We decide to neuter her because she has been giving birth too often which resulted in her being dehydrated and has a deficiency of calcium and other vitamins. The vet had to give 3 injections the other day. It was quite a mystery to us on how she could get a mate as she is one fierce cat. Many a time we saw her chasing cats out of our compound and it was always hilarious. She is FAT and always move very slowly and gracefully ( Abang and Adik truly believe that she is a royal cat! An aristocat....influenced by Disney!) but she abandons it all when she's chasing other cats. It look so funny with her big belly and even bigger tail. And it gets funnier if she starts to berleter as well.Not unlike Mama Abah said............But then, we know that she had a boyfriend, Eric, Uncle Nik's tomcat....the only one she allows in. The mystery is Eric is so old and hasnt been visiting for a long time and Grey very rarely goes out of our compound.

Anyway...that's for her to know and for us never to find out.

I'm dreading the day I have to collect her from the vet after the operation.....Abang and Adik will be no help here. You cant even look at the stitches , let alone cleaning and caring for them. And as usual, Grey will only let me near her when she's in pain.... Do you still remember when you tried feeding her antibiotics? She will try to scratch you but she'll never do that to mama....instead she'll hide her face in the crook of my funny and so cute kan!!

Grey, we all love you so much!!

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