Sunday, July 6, 2008


Surabaya from our 18th floor hotel room

There's no place like home,honestly!!
It"s soooooo GOOD to be home!! 
That's what all four of us agreed upon. Even after staying in not one but two five star hotels in a span of five days with all the comforts and luxury, the smell and sight of this home is more pleasing to us . 
Mama fell down straight away on much missed bed, Abah went to check up on his beloved orchard while Abang and Adik fussed over Grey and her litters. How we miss all of these......Grey was so excited to see us and cannot wait to get into the house after having to stay away for 6 days.

Our trip to Surabaya was good, Alhamdulillah. Even the delay of the flight home was good. We missed our flight to KB due to it but we got to go to Mak's house because of it. See, if anything befalls us and we accept it with redha and say Alhamdulillah 'ala kullihal...good things are bound to happen despite the misfortune.

Mak Su Pah and family were there as well and in the morning Cik Ni came to breakfast with her troops. Not forgetting Kak was like raya at Mak's house. Its good that we could meet Mak and family as they are not going to balik kampung for coming school holidays, not even for Abang Long Anas's wedding.
Abang and Adik are a few shades darker, no thanks to hours of enjoying splashes in swimming pools. The pool at Shangri La was more enjoyable than the one at Marriott, with its water slides and deeper pool. Even Mama got to swim as well as we practically had the pool to ourselves despite school holidays in Indonesia. (lalala...mama got to try out her burqini...very practical and so sopan one!! definitely recommended!! ) 

Adik, being a museum addict, were so happy that a visit to one of so many museums were included in the itinerary and Abang made everyone wondered how he could finished FIVE helpings of Nasi Padang! It was our ' one million meals'....(million rupiah that is....for 30 of us)

You missed 3 schooldays....must catch up on homeworks.

I hope all these trips and travels overseas since you were 3 and 5 will benefit you, broaden your horizon. I hope it made you see how vast the universe that Allah has created when we come across different faces, different languages but yet when you (esp. Abang) go to the mosques you see people come together to pray to the same God. I also hope you could appreciate the life that Allah has granted us, be thankful all the times. 

Most importantly, I hope you do observe the routine that Abah has set every time we were to start a journey. Abah will print out the prayer time of the place we are going, checking out the nearest mosque to the hotel we are staying, making sure every one has a change of clean clothing in the hand-carried bag for prayers in case the one on us are soiled. It should make you realise how important our daily prayers are. To know the exact prayer time is so very important . Unlike our home where we can just rely on azan from every corner of our kampung, in a non muslim country you will have no idea of the prayer time if you come unprepared. It gets more complicated in 4 seasons country esp during winter and summer .......

Anyway, congratulation to both of you for not missing any solat in our recent journey, not even the 4 am fajar solat. Abang even went to the mosque a few times.

You see, by traveling, we get to practise our knowledge and get rewarded by Allah in doing so. I know just how much you two enjoy doing the jamak/qasar...... you learnt from Abah how to look for the kiblat direction on the compass and you got to pray on the plane on our way back from Mecca last time, remember? Not forgetting the masnun do'as that we get to recite on many occasions......

All in all, I hope it will deeply instilled in you the importance of guarding our solat, doing it on time,( in a congregation for men) and not just doing it....

BUT, as for now, I dont think I want to go anywhere faraway from home anytime soon...... I loooove being home!!( But Abah still has to go to Bangkok next week.....)

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