Sunday, June 22, 2008


Having successfully executed the task of traveling alone with you kids once, Abah trusted me to repeat the process...... this time around it was a breeze and we found abah lounging at the sentral station instead of hovering like the last time.

It was nothing to other people I guess, but, to me , it was an achievement! 

Those who knew me, know very well how 'incapable' I am, with all blames should go to Abah who has been pampering and spoiling me for so know how he would draw  maps for me if I have to go somewhere by myself, charting the easiest way,the ones that I dont have to cross the road, the one with least traffic etc etc. And call me  afew times during that!! ( this is pre-GPS era of course!!...)

And all these places are right here in Kota Bharu where I've been living for more than half of my life! And surely you know that I cannot cross the road without hanging on someone's arm....I'm sorry you have such a 'lembik' mother. Abang understands this very well. BUT..... looks like I'm improving, am I not?? hehehe......

Anyway,so there we were in KL for the weekends. And it was a good one. We got to visit Tok Su who broke her wrist trying to pick up rambutans for Kak Chik Illa. Despite still being in cast, Tok Su still manage to fetch us from Shang-ri La hotel and cooked her much- loved fish curry for you Abang! And Kak Chik drove me to Taman Tun to see Kak Shara's son, the adorable Rayyan. And...I got to
visit Munawwarah and got something for me....fair lah kan, you got some stuff from Isetan @ KLCC. We even got something for Grey, brewer's yeast for better and shinier coat, but sadly, she refused to take it when we tried giving her this morning. She missed us so much I think and is acting up to show her dissatisfaction of being left at home.
(update: talked to cat expert aka Kak chik and got a tip of how to give the tablets to grey. Her Tom just took it without fuss!)

And today, you two will start your mid year exam......dont know how you will fare, with no study at all during the weekend....hopefully you'll be okay, especially adik now that you have mastered (almost) the multiplication tables. You did badly in math during April test due to the failure to memorize the sifir. Hopefully you'll do better this time around. And I must remind myself not to feel upset if the result is not as I expect.....(must remember pesan Abah.)

As for Abang, I must say that I'm happy with your improvement especially in Bahasa Melayu. Your karangan used to make us laugh so hard, with your rojak bahasa and mixture of written and spoken bahasa. Remember the ' Tulis surat kepada ibu anda......' and you went, Bonda, apa khabar? Anakanda sihat . Bonda tentu boring kat rumah sebab Abang takde, bla bla blaa...." Off course your teacher had to fail you on that!

I told Abah that I could liken you two to the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. Adik, you are the rabbit. You started very fast and full of energy, then you started to slow down and almost sleep! Abang was slow yet he never stop....and look at him today. He got all A's save for Kemahiran Hidup in last test. And he's still improving. He almost never complain of the amount of work I give as both of you,unlike your classmates, do not attend any tuition classes. 

As for you Adik, susah sikit tarik muka and go to your room and sleep it off!! You are so clever adik, everybody who knows you could so testify to it, but look at your last test year 1 and 2, you could pull it off effortlessly, but you must realise the fact that the lessons got harder and you must work likewise. You expect everything to be easy....that's not the way of this life Adik.

Be a good muslim and you'll get that kind of free and easy life in the Hereafter, okay!

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