Thursday, January 31, 2013


2013 decides to test us from the very beginning. January is the month of sicknesses, sufferings, tears, worrying and at the end, fatigue. People close and dear to us seems to get sick one by one. But, Subhanallah, we are so lucky to witness how all these peoples embraced the tests Allah put them through with enviable manners.Truly, they are the peoples who put this hadith into practice.
 Our Prophet (pbuh) said: "Verily, if Allah loves a people, He makes them go through trials. Whoever is satisfied, for him is contentment, and whoever is angry upon him is wrath." [Tirmidhi] 

It began with Cik Ma warded for suspected ectopic pregnancy. And it coincided with the predicted tropical storm of Sonamu. As the Hospital Tuanku Zahirah is located just by the famous Batu Buruk beach, people were fleeing the hospital when she had to go in!! The hospital authority was actually encouraging people to vacate, at their own risk, of course. There were only few beds occupied when we visited her. And that was a record for  the O&G ward!! 

While we were still in Trengganu, the second news hit us. Ayah Mer, called to tell us that he was to undergo a major operation in 3 days time. Surgeons at Pusrawi decided to remove his right kidney to save him . They later took out a malignant growth weighted 1.5 kg. Ayah Mer is now without one kidney and undergoing cancer treatment that has spread out onto his lungs.

These two bad news proved to be too much on Maktok who has just discharged from Tengku Anis Hospital at the end of December due to pneumonia. She was too weak to travel to visit her most beloved daughter in law in Trengganu, now to travel to KL to be with his son, even by airline, is out of question. The stresses built up and Maktok was soon landed in HUSM. 

The stress was actually the final straw. Age , uncontrolled diabetes and non compliance with medicine are amongst other factors that push Maktok .

The creatinine level in her blood rose, and so did the urea content. The doctors are now contemplating on dialysis which really scares Maktok. Nowadays, she is very disciplined in her diet especially the amount of fluid intakes.

In late December last year we lost one of Abah's  second cousin to cervical cancer. She was just 43. And now, another one of Abah's paternal cousin is suffering the same type of cancer which has also spread to the lungs. She is now refusing further treatment in the hospital and prefer to spend what valuable times left surrounded with loves from her husband and children. Then,while Maktok was still in the hospital, we also got news that our close neighbour has undergone a biopsy and was confirmed having cancer of the lungs.

Looking back though, I see many good things came out of these. As I said before, we witnessed how the sick bore their sicknesses with patience, doing lots of zikrs, distributed sadaqahs, and tried their best to do the prescribed solats on time. Masya Allah. And how, the healthy ones got so much rewards doing services to the sicks. 

Cik Nini and family took Cik Ma's broods under their wings even though they have their hands full with little Syamil. My siblings gathered in KL to  give support to our beloved brother and we gave what we could afford, spiritually ,materially and physically. And when Maktok was debilitated, most of her children and grandchildren were so lucky to get the chance to care for her as she did us when we were small. No one was reluctant and squeamish at the task of even washing her. In fact, everyone was overwhelmed by the experience!! 

And when at last, we got the chance to visit our neighbour who is now undergoing treatment at home, we were pleasantly surprised to find she was all smiling and cheerful and her ever busy husband was home. It was a surprise indeed as he is a state councillor  who should otherwise be busy with the looming election. Spousal support is indeed very important in facing any kind of trials.

Alhamdulillah ala kullihal...


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