Sunday, December 30, 2012

THE END OF 2012...

Another year gone...and we all were struck with how swift the time flies. We could still vividly remember how the three of us having breakfast at the famous White House kopitiam before sending Adik off to her first day at secondary school. And now, Adik is preparing her stuff for her second year already, which will begin the day after tomorrow.  As for Abang,  2013 will see him starting the  Syahadah class InsyaaAllah.

2012 has been an eventful year for us. Good and bad things happened as part and parcel of life with tears and laughter accompanying.
Most unforgettable of course is the passing of your beloved grandfather.We all are still pining for him. Maktok's health has been deteriorating since.

K.Long Syida's nikah's that took place in our home is one of joyous moments in 2012. C.Lah and Ay.Pa have just acquired a new business opportunity that required them to relocate and they have to travel to and fro their home and the new place every so often.. Thus the decision to shift the ceremony to our place. It was beautiful and I got to be the person in charge of everything as my sister was too busy with her new business venture. It was tiring, but I got the experience of being of mother of the bride hehe...

My youngest sibling, your Ayah Su also got hitched this event that the late Tok Ayah would very much like to see.

All these and some others are all without Abang's presence. The strict rules of his madrasah is one of the sacrifices Abang ungrudgingly endures, Masyaa Allah. May Allah rewards him bountifully and may his dream to be a hafidz and  an 'aliim will soon  be realized.

In this month of December, life has been hectic for us. Abah got home from hajj at the end of  November and the very next day we drove to Penang to see Abang. We discovered a new picnic place( Pantai Malindo) that was void of people! So, Abang and Adik got the chance to be the kids on the beach they used to be, albeit fully covered as opposed to in shorts and t-shirts as of the time past. Alhamdulillah...

Abah worked for a few days, then, we took off for our extended holidays. First off, in KL where we got the chance to visit the ailing Nenek Nafisah, Abah's auntie. Then we visit our friends from Glasgow days that left us reminiscing for sometimes.
(In KK later, we met another couple who not only asked us for dinner, but lent us their car so that we could go to Kundasang! Thanks Dr Wahi N Rosie....)
 Adik enjoyed listening to our tales...a few other places, then , to the main event, the reception of Kak Syida's.... Came home for two days, then we were off to Trengganu for one night, came home only to fly off the next day to Kota Kinabalu for 5 days. 

We have been trying our best to stick to healthy eating the whole year through, but, during holidays, all things go haywire.....not to mention the lacks of exercise session!!

But, InsyaaAllah, I am determined to ensure that things get back on track comes first day of 2013. Wish me luck!!
These shall be our staples from now on,beware ya Abah n Adik hehehe...(plus the brown wild rice n seaweeds we got fm Sabah)
May Allah guides us all in the forthcoming year....include us in the group of people who constantly make effort on our imaan and keep improving our 'amaals. Amin.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

An, two years ago i beli juga organic grains berbagai dari Queensbay Penang, baru last week, semua masuk dalam Bokashi least berguna juga in an indirect way

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Kak Has,masuk bokashi bin sbb expired ke sebab you are on paleo/grain free diet?
Personally I dont like paleo sbb Rasulullah saw ate grain kan, and his diet is always the best...klu low GI diet mcm agak dekat dgn his diet I think.

N I absolutely salute you for your "rajinness" on bokashi thingy!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

An, I tak call myself paleo sangat, but more like diet management...intermittent fasting and low carb, sebab carb build up my visceral fat...Rasullulah dia makan carb berkualiti...masa tu mana ada lagi GM product (genetically modified)..tapi menjak musim winter kat klate ni balik make carb..kena rajin puasa balik...dulu kata nak wat puasa nabi dah terbabas dah.

Buang organic grains tu sibuk, dan cara makan benda tu tak serasi dengan tak dak peluang nak masak, lama2 expired la...masa beli tu bukan main la nak buat polenta la..couscous la...soba noodle la...tak leh maintain sebab tak sesuai dgn selera orang rumah.