Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well, as you ( the 2 or 3 regular readers of this space) might have presumed, I am going to write about Abang. Its a given. Everytime he came home for holiday, the story about him would  soon emerge here...After all, this blog is dedicated to them, Abang and Adik. ( feeble excuse really.....reality check: #1. I dont have anything interesting to write about . #2. I want to get Miss Auditor off my back...aiyaa, why do you have to check in here ever so regularly? and pressing me to update! I regret telling you about this blog...)

see, he had a cheeky smile on...
Anyway, Abang was home for just one week...and all of us couldnt get enough of him. This time around he arrived looking very relax, not tired or anxious as before. Looks like he's got used to long bus rides, Alhamdulillah.He said he slept all the way and ate well  at one of the stops, so he did not arrive famished as on previous bus journeys . He could even teased Mama upon seeing how excited Mama was when he arrived on our doorstep. Eyes twinkling,he quipped "Relax Ma..."

  We saw many changes in him indeed, not least the physical side. In the above pic, he stood on a step lower than Mama so that Mama could hug and kiss him comfortably.( As a matter of fact, my tall nieces/nephews/females cousins are all subjected to this kind of treatment from me when they want to bade farewell to me....)(hehe,sounds familiar kan cik auditor?)

And Abang has pimples now!! And kind of proud of them, much to my bewilderment...And he kept showing his biceps (haha)  and demonstrated to Adik what kind of exercises he does everyday to gain that. I wish Abang would grow a beard soon!!
Physical aspect asides, we are happy to notice that Abang's confidence level has raised quite a few notches up. Previously, only the three (or four if you count  the snotty cat in) of us are privy to his silly antics,even sillier jokes and ridiculous behaviour. Outsiders will only see a quiet, gentlemanly Mama's boy. He used to get tongue-tied when speaking to people and often reduced to silence when he couldnt find a proper answer to any questions.

Not anymore!!

Soon as he arrived, as usual Abah asked him to call Mak Tok, Ummi and other elders in our close-knitted family. Surprise, surprise!! We didnt need to coach him anymore! He asked the right questions, gave the right responses to enquiries....leaving Abah and Mama looking at each other with raised eye-brows and broad smiles....

The next agenda was  a visit to Tok Ayah Wahab's. Again, when we arrived, he needed no prompt from us to go directly to Tok Ayah. He even managed to ignore Aqim The Favourite Cousin !! Tok Ayah was as usual, sitting on his recliner. After the customary salaam and all, he proceeded to massage Tok Ayah's legs. We were like, WOW!!   When Tok Ayah asked him to recite a surah, he readily did it, attracting Mak and her children who were creating a ruckus in the living room to come gather and listened in.

Up until today Tok Ayah still talking about how good was Abang's recitation and keep saying Alhamdulillah. He even said that amongst his many grandkids, Abang and Abang Abdullah Zahid have the best voices. Hahaha...Yes,(soon-to-be-a-dentist) Abdullah Zahid has lovely voice indeed, having competed and won in many musabaqahs and nasheed in his school and college days. But the same cannot be said about Abang...He does recite beautifully, but good voice is not one of his attributes. Tok Ayah seems to forget that Hassan has a very good voice too.

When we next visit Tok Ayah Mustafa, the performance was repeated and got even better. When Tok Ayah asked him to recite, he asked Tok Ayah in what tarannum Tok Ayah wanted him to recite!! Adik went, "fuyyo, terernye off!!"

All in all, we were suitably impressed with Abang's more mature attitude.....

Then  came the Trengganu trip to visit Mama's siblings. First stop at Ummi's then to Cik Nini's and Ayah Ji's for he has just got a long-awaited son. The first one is in Jerteh and the latter in Kuala Trengganu and Kubang Bujuk. And what do we have in between? Yes, miles and miles  of inviting white sandy beach. 

And I got my boy again........

He has always loves sand. Everything else would cease to matter when he got his hands in the sand.

full concentration.....

 As for the little fashionista, she was more concerned  with her shawl.....Nowadays she spends a few more minutes more than usual in front of the mirror wrapping the shawl whenever we are going out. Now on the beach the wind was threatening to undo it ........

 Abah took a 40 winks...or maybe 100 is more accurate as I could hear a snore.
 Oh, what a relieve now that  I dont need to be right there under the sun anymore.....Ten years ago I would be sitting cross-leg covered with sand and drenched in perspiration
playing with you two...and mostly to make sure that Adik stayed out of water. Adik is always attracted to water as Abang is to sand.

                                    PEACE OUT.....


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam,tuan,kalau tuan ada pengalaman yang menarik di india,sila berkongsi dengan saya di blog saya...semoga Allah melimpahi keberkatan pada tuan.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

An, lesung pipit tu turun dari mana ye?

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hehehe...turun dari langit!! As a matter of fact, I notice ramai my nephews/nieces sekarang ada lesung pipit walaupun mak ayah takde....

ahLia shahril said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

salam kak he,

jumpa blog akak akhirnya..hee..

saya zainab. yang g tklim kt dusun raja aritu. tp lame dah tak g sne =(

cam blog nie tgk muka anak perempuan kak he.


salam ukhwah dari jauh.


Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Zainab...Akak mcm ingat2 lupa yg mana satu awak ni...maklumlah Kak Ae ni dah tua...ada problem skit dgn mengingati muka2 org ni..
Anyway,kami pun x pegi taklim kat D.Raja lg skrg. Startg Jan 2011,rumah jiran kami, Dr Nor Azman dah jd rmh pegi sini je lah skrg....Hope 2 c u again somewhere in masturaat jamaat..InsyaAllah.

ahLia shahril said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

owh yeker kak... dh dekat la eh cket.

saya yg dok kt kubang kerian.

insyaallah jumpa lagi kak =)