Tuesday, May 24, 2011

THE HEAT IS ON..... pt 2

Mama and heat are just not meant to be together...that explains why am I here again, filling the void as May is nearing its end. As usual, I'm not very good at giving titles to my entries,so just let me repeat the title for  last year's entry on the very same subject matter....Do not complain or I promise never to write again!! You better take heed as its not everyday you could read a blog entry from a clever cat like me...

Daily harvest from Mama's vege beds
May started out very-very hot, with no rain at all. Mama's enthusiasm for the kitchen garden died with all the crops. Alhamdulillah though, the effort was not at all futile, the family got to taste all the veges from the few harvests before the heat sets on.

 After a couple of weeks of hot spell, the rain came for a few days,  giving us much needed  respite....and Subhanallah, it was so refreshing. We could all really taste the barakah in that.....the air became cooler, new shoots sprouting everywhere and flowers started blooming. 

Brunfelsia blooms...(mama's garbage enzyme does help too)

Now, the heat is back on again to test the patience and to see how grateful some of us are over the other blessing showered upon us everyday by HIM. InsyaAllah it wont be long anymore before the next rain come...

Mama is a bit better this year. ( compared to last year that is...I'm sure my advice did play quite a role in this...). Yes, she still stay away as much as possible from the hot kitchen, but at least she did something quite useful. As for staying away from the kitchen, it was not a bad thing either. First and foremost, unlike me, she really doesnt need to eat three square meals a day....well, I dont have to spell it out clearly why it is so, do I? 
And Abah was not around most of time, away as external examiner in other university for those sitting for professional exams and aspiring to be doctors. And when he was back home, he was busy entertaining external examiners that came to HUSM.
As for Adik, now that she is a teenager ( and very conscious of that fact!) is forever watching what she eats...I'm quite sure Mama's behavior is affecting her's. Mak Tok is  always asking her to eat more rice...and Mama is always saying good eating habit must start early. I dont really  understand all these talk about basic metabolic rate, calorie requirement  and what nots that Mama has been explaining to Adik. So, I better not go into that. I dont need to  anyway, being  an individual with an ideal weight...hahaha..I can see Mama is green with envy over this statement!!!

Oh yes, I was saying about Mama doing something useful earlier and I almost forget about it...dont blame me! Its easy to forget because its not everyday Mama does useful things.  

The heat would keep her in the bedroom, forcing her brain to work  a bit , tap-typing away Malay translation of a book on Etiquette For Teachers And Students for madrasahs use. It was Ayah Chik Razif who gave her the chore seeing that Mama has so much free time and living her life like a madam tai-tai.( albeit not a wealthy one) He is supposed to do that but re- delegated the work to Mama. It is not that easy as the book was originally written in Urdu and then translated to English causing some original connotations to be lost somewhere . And the fact that it is dotted here and there with the Holy Verses and Ahadith that need accurate translation. Ayah Chik is always  a phone call away to guide as he has got lots of experience, having translated the Fadhai'l A'amal series when he served at Sri Petaling Madrasah few years back.

Exercise wise, unlike last year,she has been good this year. Reason, she found a "ladies only" gym. So there she goes twice weekly for a couple of hours doing cardio and strength training in air-conditioned studio. So, no excessive sweating or heat stroke or whatever excuses of last year's. Those strength training has proven good as I personally saw Mama clearing and digging up the vegetables beds with no complain whatsoever!! My Mama is no longer a lembek lady..yeay!! 

Abah is especially happy about this as he will have less chores to do at home. To encourage Mama more, he even bought a portable air-cooler and place it in front of the treadmill at home so that Mama could still use it on the days she doesnt go the gym. He 'incidentally' bought it on Mothers' Day...I must use the word 'incidentally' as Abah insists he does not celebrate birthdays,Mothers Day or whatever days. He said,giving gifts are simply sunnahs, thats the only reason he is so fond of giving gifts to Mama... and somehow the gifts are always the practical ones...I wonder why?? And oh ya, Adik got some hand-made chocolates for Mama on that day. Mama ate two of them and she finished the rest..... Practical too, isnt it? Hhemm, like father like daughter...

Anyway...that's all I can think of. Hopefully next month, you'll read Mama's entry and I dont have to write again until the next hot season. Abang is coming home on 4th June for a week, InsyaAllah...Please pray that Mama dont do anything stupid such as eating whatever Abang will eat in that one week and 'undo' the 3kgs she has lost in the gym.

Signing off,
Dr.M. Grey


Kak Has said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey Mr. Grey,

You're a cool cat. Now, could you just put the image and brand of the portable cooler (and may be write your review about it and where to get it) that so cool.

May be your Mama can try making macaron and sell it to HUSM staff, coz your Mama is good in the kitchen...she may get some inspiration from this blog:


Now, hurry ya, coz I want to place some order, knowing your Mama, I could order a healthy kind of macaron...like green tea macaron with lemon filling..

Grey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hehe..thanks for recognizing how cool a cat i am!
Abah bought the a/cooler fm Kemudi Timur depan husm tu je...donno the price ( its a gift kan, so he 'susup' the price tag)Brand- Honeywell and its very cooling when u use the cool features- meaning you have to put water in the tank- and it doesnt look too bad too.

Aha!!! macaron!! how come u and mama hv the same cravings at the same time? Mama, in fact has placed order from cikmin.com and is eagerly awaiting their arrival. Two of her friends in KB has ordered them and they arrived quite safely...
That's explains hw bad mama is in the kitchen nowadays...she has more or less hang the apron!! Sebenarnya dia takut dia makan byk kalau dia masak sendiri bcos it is always the case!!
And...no...she is not that good in d kitchen anyway...somebody must have overestimated her...

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh ya ker??

Let's challenge your Mama who produce the first macaron with feet and skirt

Grey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yes..Mama does marvels at the quest for feet n skirt of those macs...few years ago, she would be competing for that too, being a perfectionistic as she WAS...alas, now the passion has gone and the laziness sets in...almost everything is now about filling up the form and pay up via maybank2U...

Azie Nazri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

:)) You crack me up every time Dr. Grey!

Anyway, tell your Mama congratulations on the 3kg loss. That's amazing! Wish there's a lady gym that I could visit here.

And best of luck on the book translation too. I know it must be challenging. But the rewards for doing so, with it for madrasah and everything, subahanallah. :)

Grey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Mama said thanks and pls pray that she'll be good and disciplined enough to finish the translation work.....as for the weight loss, I remain sceptical...especially now that she is already on holidays in Kuantan and with Abang coming home nx week and many kenduris to attend...hemmm