Tuesday, August 10, 2010


InsyaAllah  tomorrow , the blessed month of Ramadhan will be here again...I just cannot describe how I feel today...everything is so peaceful and oh,  this expectant mood. I feel excited, nervous and somehow melancholic.

Abah brought home boxes of dates from markaz last night. It has been a routine for us to distribute them to our neighbours and relatives year in year out. You two were always so excited about this...the chore you always look forward to. Going round our neighbourhood on your bicycles. Alas, this year, Abang is not around....Adik has been pondering for the past few days of how is she going to do it alone....dont worry Adik, Abah will of course accompany you...

We just got home from visiting Abang...He's looking very well now with more flesh on compared to last time. And he's keeping his hair this time around. No more shaved head...hemm.. I saw a twinkle in his eyes when I pointed that out. Looks like, puberty agrees with him.  I just  hope he wont go changing so much and so fast.....I want my baby back!!!

We have to make sure, this Ramadhan, we will visit Mak Tok more frequent . Apart from deteriorating health, she is also missing 3 of her loved ones this Ramadhan. Tok Ayah is still in his 4 months khuruj, her youngest ( read most manja) daughter, Cik Ti is also on the path of Allah for 40 days with her husband Ayah Az, while Ayah Ji  left  for New Zealand yesterday, being invited to lead the taraweeh prayer somewhere over there.
Not forgetting Ayah Long who is also overseas, though he is bound to travel home more frequent now that the most awaited  cucu is now out!! Speaking of which, Mak Tok and Tok Ayah now have a great grandchild. And I am called Mama Tok! Has been one for quite sometimes though as from Abah's side, we already have 2 from Kak Long Iman/Abg Farizan  and one from Abang Long Anas/Kak Izza. Another one is on the way from Abang Ngah/ Kak Emma.

Tok Ayah wont even be home for Eid....Its okay though. All of us are well prepared for it, and happy about it, knowing how much Tok Ayah loves spending time doing this. Alhamdulillah Ayah Su is working in Kota Bharu, thus able to keep Mak Tok company.

Next week, as Mama and Abah spend some times on the path Allah, Adik will stay for the weekend with Mak Tok. I hope you will do as much khidmat as possible to her. Make her happy.....And dont forget your promise to Abah to recite one juzuk of the holy book for each day of Ramadhan.

Before I sign-off, I take this opportunity to wish everyone who comes here ( well, not that many...), Ramadhan Kareem...and May Allah gives us taufeeq to do as much devotion as possible....and, please forgive me if I ever hurt any of you with my words ........

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