Monday, May 26, 2008


Today, out of the blue, Abah decided that it's high time for Mama to take a full blood test . As both of you know,Mama is known as the person with the lowest threshold for pain.... Well,who else go to A&E dept. at 4am for toothache and gastric pain. The latter could be forgiven I guess, but for toothache, even the dentist was flabbergasted. I just couldnt forget the way the MO oncall offered me something to reduce pain as he clearly didnt know what to do with me while waiting for the dentist to arrive. He came to my bedside and politely said, "would you like some narcotic madam?" as if he was offering me a cup of tea . And I eagerly said,"Yes, please", in the exact tone! 

I had been nagging Abah to ask for some pain-killing shot earlier, but Abah, as usual, being ethical , said we must let the A&E doctor decide, not ordering him .

Aaaanyway, back to the story....Abah had to hold me from the shoulder and Abang hold my left arm tightly while the nurse drew blood from my right....all the time comforting me, "Mengucap Mama,Ingat Allah, sekejap je lagi, bla,bla,bla... while Abah, as usual,was teasing and laughing at me!!!! I was so thankful Abang came along. Even the chinese nurse was impressed with Abang. She said,"Your son is so good,pujuk Mama dia,hensem pulak tu.Very lucky la you..".

The blood was sent to the lab,but just before that, the staff nurse did a test for blood sugar on the strip(or whatever they call it) and surprise, was quite high,7.5. 

I was still okay, but a sister walked in and right away gave me a free lecture on a right diet to prevent diabetes. What mind-boggled me at that time was, what she was preaching, is what I've been practising !!
Eat more veges(my nasi goreng has been accused as sayur goreng letak nasi), dont take sweet drink,(I rarely take sweet drink, dont even have to have one in the morning), exercise 3x a week(I swim 1 hour every wednesday and get on my strider every now and then...okay,okay ,I admit, not enough exercise) and take less carbohydrate( we only eat rice once a day, 3x a week).

I was still not concern,I blamed the sinfully delicious trifle I made yesterday and finish last night.But then Abah said, we are taking a fasting blood sugar and by right all the sugar in the blood should be dissolved in two hours and then proceed to remind me that Mak Tok is also diabetic(diagnosed in her early 60's) .Now that triggered something in me........

On the way to the town later,we passed a sugar cane drink stall, and I suddenly felt very sad that I couldnt have it anymore . I started to feel bad.....We dropped at JKM as I had to collect some forms for the shelter home (RS) registration. Abang accompanied me to the 2nd floor and how thankful I was for him as I felt very close to pass out while talking to the officer there. Alhamdulillah, we managed to get back to the car safely. From then on, I was like spiralling down thru and thru.

We then went to KB mall to buy something and as we passed our favourite cake shop,I offered to buy Abang something and Adik,do you know what Abang said? " It's okay cannot take sweet stuff,so Abang pun tak nak". When I urged him to buy a slice of his favourite cheesecake,he said,"Mama dah banyak berkorban untuk Abang,now it's my turn". Really!!!

I was stunned,coming from Abang....its not that I dont expect him to feel that way,but his wording...kalau Adik yang cakap,tak heran are such a sweet talker, but Abang is different. Abang doesnt speak much and he is not good at forming sentences, let alone using word as berkorban!! My wonderful son who had just had a double grading in tae-kwon-do few days before which has greatly surprised me...really,I have been underestimating you Abang!! I shall look at you differently after this....

We then went home and I straight away fell down on the bed. Abah has stopped teasing me by this time, seeing how affected I was. And both of my favourite guys massaged me to sleep.

By 3.30 Abah was back in the office and called me at home.

Abah:"Dah makan Sayang?"
Mama: "lum....."
Abah: "Why?"
Mama: "Blood sugar tinggi.....(in affected voice...)"
Abah: "Hehehe...just got the result from the lab...your FBS is only 3.4.."
Mama:"What?? And I've been worried sick for nothing...."

And at the very moment all the dizziness,numbness and headache that had been bugging me flew away from me......betul la ya,it's all in your mind!

Soooo,it was just a false alarm.Turned out that everything is okay except for my LDL-cholesterol which is a bit high.Must attack the oat bowl again...

Thank you Abang for all your nice words and your are my hero.

(And Adik,you are not here when this drama unfolded...out enjoying yourself with Kak Rahil and Kak sure it would be more dramatic if you were present)

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