Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mama and Abah went away for three days to learn deen. Abang and Adik stayed with MakTok and Tok Ayah. These are the lessons learned;

Among others, Mama learns that all that happens around us are the outcome of our own amals, good or bad. The natural disasters, the inflation, as we can see now,the current bad situation truly reflects our bad amals,especially of how much we have forsaken the fikr and work of our beloved prophet.
When natural disaster occurs,not only we people suffer.The birds will loose their nests,the shelters of animals in the jungle will be shattered , even the fish in the sea will suffer.

Now I understand why the animals in the jungle,fish in the sea and birds in the sky make do'a for those with good amals,those who seek ilm for the sake of Allah and those doing the work of deen.Yes,because they will be affected by our amals,directly. As for themselves,they are always hymning the tasbeehat for Allah, it was us, the mortals who keep forgetting.....

The lessons from Adik;(dispensed after the nightly ta'alim,with the sternest face a 9-year-old could muster, while still in telekong sembahyang...)

1.Mama,to be a good parent,you must exercise more patience

2.You must be more like Mak Tok (eerrr...hemm,ni tak best ni,compare2 mama dgn maktok!)

3.We should eat on the floor,its a sunnah.The food must be lower than us, not higher.

4.And much much more....Adik,you really shouldnt be angry if I call you Mak Nenek!!

Looks like you have learned a lot from Mak Tok and Tok come I've got this feeling that my own parents are using you to convey things to me,hemmmp.....

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