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So, I didnt write a single entry in the whole 2015! And today I suddenly have this urge to sit down and  write...and whats more ,I am so going to recap the whole year's event (significant ones only) into one single entry!! Ambitious much,huh!! Well, let's see how far it will go, it will not go anywhere!

Anyway...let us begin.

The single most important event ( in our family that is) that took place in 2015 was none other than Abang's syahadah ceremony that occurred on  8 and  9th of March, which was just a few days after Abang's 18th birthday.

Subhanallah, it was just the most blessed,  most emotionally beautiful  and peaceful event so far in my life! I cant even begin to describe my feeling on   that day... the atmosphere  was so serene that I could almost feel that  I was actually surrounded by angels.   Suffice to say, I wish everyone to be able to experience the same and I did tell all sisters I know having children memorizing the Qur'an to make a point to be there in their kids syahadah ceremony. Alas, that being said, not all madrasahs allow/encourage parents to attend . Alhamdulillah, the madrasah Abang attends was very systematic and efficient  as always. They even have a special air-conditioned room with bathroom attached for us, ladies in niqabs especially, to sit and listen , 'tasmeeq' the huffaz's recitations.

Well, as we all know, Qur'an itself is a miracle...and to be able to memorise it is miraculous. Something that is impossible unless Allah chose you to have it.

So, I was there for two days in a row. On the first day Abang recited 15 juzuks with one mistake towards the end. He began at a relaxed pace, recited melodiously that I began to worry if he couldnt finish the whole 15 juzuks as expected. After 'asar break, Abang picked up the speed, after being advised by his ustadz. Just before asar  break was actually the moment Abang stucked, after 'rewinding' quite a few times, the ustadz had to correct him...and it was counted as 1 mistake. They only allow maximum 5 mistakes for all 30 juzuks or you have to do it all over again.

 We met up in every solat break, giving Abang hugs and kisses besides words of encouragement, overwhelmed   by the surreal feeling, forgetting to ask about Abang physical needs of food and drinks! When Abang finished around 11 that night, we were kissing him goodbye as we prepare to leave for our homestay nearby, he asked me if I have any food with me. He had not eaten anything for the whole day! He appeared so calm and collected that we never thought he spent the little time during every solat /lunch/dinner break to actually browse through the Quran and not eating or resting a bit!

By calm and collected I meant he was ever so cool when he made any mistake and his friends ( chose by their ustadzs to be observers) tapped on the table to alert him . He then went back to the beginning of that particular ayah and tried to correct himself calmly. Not a note of panic could be detected  in his voice. Sometimes he needed to go back quite a few times. But he always managed to get it right except for the one time I mentioned above. I was the one feeling the panic arising and would whole-heartedly pray to Allah to help my son! And Wallahi,, I  have never felt our connection so strong before! If at anytime my mind started to wander away, Abang would have some 'glitch'! And I did wander away quite a few times since I was all alone in that room on the first day.

Oh, back to Abang being famished, we quickly asked for permission from the ustadz to go buy some food and come back to give Abang the food. Fuhh...end of day 1.

Day 2 was a lot better. Abang recited in faster mode and I got company, so no sleepiness crept in. A few ladies came and towards the evening more local ladies came to listen in  and by Isya', the room was packed. On the men side too. That was apparently a normal situation whenever a syahadah event takes place. People come to get the blessings of the majlis and especially for the khatam qur'an do'a at the end of it.

And, Subhanallah, just before Isya', Abang recited the last surah, Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah!! All 30 juzuks with only 1 mistake...Allahu Akbar! Words cant begin to  describe our feeling of gratitude to Allah, our indebtedness to all his ustadzs, our appreciation to his friends for their supports  and to all our relatives who collectively pray for Abang's success.

Speaking of our relatives ( and family friends) , Masya Allah, the event had brought everyone together! We were scattered everywhere in Malaysia and some of us were overseas. Cik Lah and family were performing umrah, C.Tie still resided in Pattaya at that time and some others studying in UK,Egypt and Turkey to name a few. But everyone was tuned to the handphones for updates from Abah in both  Mama's and Abah's sides of family group whatsApps. Abah would stream Abang's reciting live ( as much as the apps would allow) as he was sitting  near Abang during the whole time. Everyone was so excited and kept pressing for updates! Mak Uda made all her customers who came in to collect stocks listened in and MasyaAllah, some of them got really interested and enquired further of the madrasah and the process and so on.
    And when Abang finally read the much-awaited doa, a lengthy ones that he memorised too, everyone was reduced to tears. Tears of happiness, tears of gratitude , tears of joy. Tears of sadness too for I know Tok Ayah Mustafa and Mok Tok would surely love to be here if there were still around. So as Tok Ayah Wahab if he is well enough to make the long journey . Subhanallah , Allah blessed Abang with voice tinged with  pathos that his recitation always touch the hearts of most people. On site, both men and ladies room were filled with the sound of people sobbings!

My eyes were all red and swollen!

Bottles of water people put in front to get the blessings of 30 juzuks recitation

The gifts for all ustadzs

 We end the night with a small feast for all presents. Alhamdulillah one of the students' parents, a caterer,prepared Nasi Tomato enough for all.

Foohh...its a long post already!
Anyway, so that's one important event...I dont think I can write more today. InsyaAllah I'll try to write again soon.
In the meantime,I hope anybody reading this will make do'a for Abang so that the Qur'an will stay with him forever. His love for it increases everyday and more importantly, he lives his whole life according to its teaching.Indeed, maintaining it is so much more a challenge than memorising it.
With it, I end this entry.

p/s I'm embedding Abang's khatam do'a here...or maybe part of it as it was quite long.


Azie Nazri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Assalammualaikum kak nor!
MasyaAllah.. Subahanallah.. truly, theres something about you that makes my heart beat differently!
Been thinking of your Abang for the past few days since my papa shared photos of the madrasah's graduation ceremony. And right now in the middle of the night, I decided to visit your blog and here you are after 2 years, sharing about the event! Subahanallah.. so nice to hear from you and to know that Abang only had one mistake!
Ya Allah.. I would be the proudest ummi ever! Alhamdulillah.. congratulations Abang.. and ofcourse congratulations to your whole family as well.
May my future son(or sons) take after his steps one day. And may Allah grant all of you success in duniya and hereafter, amin. :)

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Waalaikumussalam wbt...azie!! I didnt expect anybody to arrive here anymore! Tardiness is my middle name nowadays!(I didnt edit my writing and just realised a few mistakes here and there and didnt even try harder to put abang's doa khatam after the first attempt failed miserably)
Anyway, Alhamdulillah...haaza min fadhli rabbii.
I hope you too have been keeping well with your own family...owh.aysha dah besar n sgt comelll n pandai1! ( Just visited ur blog)
I pray that she will grow up to be a pious , knowledgeable lady just like her namesake, InsyaAllah...and your future sons to be huffaz n ulamaa n dai'e. Bila2 nak dtg Klate, do drop me a line or two, maybe we can meet up?