Sunday, April 28, 2013


So, after more than 10 years , our house is getting a proper fence! The construction is still going on and is expected to be completed very soon. Mama's front garden was mutilated in the process, much to my dismay, but Abah calls it collateral damage. Hmmp!! 
Well, it was me who wanted the proper fence when we first built this house. But Abah thought, fences are a waste of money, keeping neighbours and beggars away, so, totally of no use!! Abah wants our house to be easily accessible  to everyone a simple fence was built. I think I have published a picture of it before, let me see...

 Yes, this was when you two were 5 and 3 respectively. In here, you could see our simple fence of chain-links on top of 2 feet of concrete borders. And in that white pot was the small bauhinia kockiana plant that Toksu gave us as a housewarming gift.
Look, how the small plant grew into luscious flowering tree that covered the ugly fence and provided colours to our front yard almost all year round.

And of course, the perfect place for Grey's afternoon siesta. They made picture perfect companion!!

But the flowering bush is gone now sob,sob... cant have the cake and eat it too,can you?

Then the much anticipated Lasik happened....
After 35 years of having glasses on my nose, I could finally ditched them!! For good, InsyaAllah...
It has been two weeks and I am still counting my blessings on a daily basis. Subhanallah...there's no word really to describe how grateful I am for this great nikmat from Allah. Only those chained to their glasses would understand my feeling I guess. I must say my decision took many people by surprise...well, its not everyday a person very well known as the most 'penakut' willing to let her eyes 'cut' opened!
 Well, of course I decided upon it after much reading on it, istikharah and mesyuwarah with Abah. The fact that no blade and needle involved in any stage helped a lot!!
 So, I DID it...met the well-known Prof Muhaya,talked to her, found out the she was Abah's senior in their undergraduate school.
I must state here that many people are inspired by my decision hehehe... I got many calls from friends and relatives to enquire further on the actual operation. My advice is, do as I did, read, istikharah,discuss with your spouse and of course, lot and lots of do'a. And by all means, watch the promotional videos widely available online, but dont look at the actual video taken by Abah during my operation!!  You'll be scared to death, at least I do!!
Prof M invited Abah to join in the OT but of course he couldnt hold my hand. But knowing he was close helped a lot, coupled with the prof's soothing words and zikr...One thing for sure, no pain whatsoever!!!

And the last highlight of this month is of Kakchik Illa went into the OT again for re inserting of her prosthesis. Alhamdulillah, the operation went well and she is now recuperating in the executive ward in HUSM. InsyaAllah, she'll be able to walk again very soon.In the meantime, we try to visit her as often as we could...helping her ease off some of her food supplies!!!

That's all for this month kids...I'm off to packing bags as Abah and me are leaving for Kota Kinabalu again. Adik, be good while staying at Ayah Mat's ya...


Azie Nazri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

When I saw the word LASIK, I couldnt wait to read your post! It has been my dream too to get LASIK.. And yes, only those who have been dependent on glasses would know the feeling.
I feel it even more now when I need to wake up in the middle of the night to feed Aysha and have to always keep my glasses close as to not waste time to search for it. Sometimes I just sleep wearing them! And ofcourse the almost permanent dark marks it leaves on my nose. Alhamdulillah that it went well for you! Must feel so liberated now... :D

You're leaving for KK? Send my mom a kiss for me if you bump into her ok? Hehe.. We'll be going in June.

Kak Nor, remember your old post about your concerns when you first sent Abang to madrasah? About what he'll eat, and how he'll manage on his own? Now, when I think about leaving Aysha and seeing her growing up and when her Babah mentions about sending her to madrasah when she's old enough, your words just seem so relatable.. Oh, I think I'm becoming one of those ummis who just want to hug tight their kids close! Will ask for your advice then when that day comes.. ;)

Enjoy your trip Kak Nor! Have a safe journey.. Insya Allah :)

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Azie,so good to hear fm u again n to read new entries on little Aysha aft loooong hiatus!!
Am writing this fm le meridien KK oredi...n how i wish I'd bump into ur mum.
Save up for Lasik!! Worth every penny of ur money....n psst, prof liked me enough to giv me quite a substantial discount!!!

TukangKebun said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My mother has done it. Now my husband and I will like to save up and do it too. No need to rely on glasses anymore is a blessing :). Your ketup-ketup look so gorgeous.

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Not having to push the glasses up my sweaty nose when gardening is indeed a relief!! therefore, i think, all gardeners( relying on glasses) should do lasik!! hehehe. Btw,PCMC offers easy payment plan...

I didnt know the flowers are called ketup-ketup until I read abt them in your blog ystday...

Ummu Madihah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam Nor,

Baru semalam turun KL, ternampak signage PCMC, teringat your post pasal LASIK kat situ. Setuju tu pasal sweaty nose when gardening. Pernah sekali pucat sebab batang gardening tool timpa frame specs, dok terbayang duit terbang sebab kena buat specs baru, nasib baik x patah. Katanya x semua org sesuai buat ni, kan, kena test dulu, kalau sesuai baru boleh proceed, kan?? Yg boleh tu macam mana dan yg x boleh macam mana, Nor tahu ke??

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Tu lah, one of the many issues yg d pertimbangkan masa nak buat lasik tu ialah the cost of buat spek baru yg sgt mahal, with all my eyes requirement....
As long as mata sihat, semua org blh buat lasik Akak...yg x sihat, contohnya, ada cataract,glaucoma etc.Anyway,mmg dia org akan buat thorough assessment to determine the suitability. Dekat 4 jam hari tu buat assessment.