Thursday, July 5, 2012


Okay, I  do realise that its already July and I didnt deliver my monthly entry in June  as promised to my two beloved children. Sorry ya Abang and Adik...
So, here I am writing in early July and hopefully will write again at the end of this month to make up for last month's. (Children, I'm trying to set a good example here on fulfilling any promises made, if you cannot tell already).

Abang was home for a very short break of 4 days in June. And it was made to feel shorter as we immediately left home after he arrived to attend Tok Su's kenduri in Bangi. It was a wedding reception of Abang Faiq and Kak Min. Alhamdulillah, both Abang and Adik made us proud for the khidmat they both did at Tok Su's. We arrived home late Saturday night and on Sunday morning Abang caught the flight back to Penang. He didnt have enough time to enjoy the newly-fitted air conditioner unit in his bedroom!

There's a story behind this air-conditioner thingy...

When Abang was younger, he was, well...a bit too 'soft' for a boy. Yes, it was our fault, we must admit. Okay, okay, its MY fault! Satisfied Abah?

So, not to elaborate his manjaness  thus embarrassing him, suffice to say that we got worried when he was about 7 and still cried whenever he had a fight with Adik...Adik, on the other hand, rarely cried. You were a lot tougher when you were smaller Dik. Nowadays, everything seems to has undergone a  360 degree changes though!!

the playroom- while Abang was always a tad too prim and proper, the tough Adik would eat everything including flashcards and books.....
So, Abah and me had a discussion and somehow we came to decide that we have to start being more firm with Abang, in every aspect. You two were still sharing a bedroom at that time and we soon  decided for you to sleep separately. So we converted the playroom into Abang's new room and decided not to fit it with air-conditioning unit as one of our strategies to toughen Abang up hahaha...and no goose feather pillows for Abang too!

Alhamdulillah, I think it did least when Abang first entered madrasah he didnt make any complain about the sleeping arrangement! 

And now, after nearly 3 years in the madrasah, Abang has become totally different from the boy who once would only eat mostly white-coloured food, very particular about what he was gonna wear  and cannot tolerate any stain on his clothing, amongst many other things. (hmm...writing these down somehow made sense of what Abah said...I was the one who influenced him in the first place, oh no!!!)

As Abang now travels the distance of nearly 400km between home and madrasah on his own  regularly, we are convinced that Abang is tough enough hehehe...Not to mention going to mosque in the dawn and dusk alone if Abah is not home and is always ready to lend his muscle in any situation. He is certainly  most helpful and very handy to have around when you need help MasyaAllah. And good influence on Adik too...Adik's degree of rajinness always climb a few notches higher when Abang's home...

When he's home, post ta'alim sessions , Abang would come and lepak either in our room or Adik's  and would reluctantly retired to his not so cool room at sleeping time. During hot season, it'll be worse as his room is on the west part, thus absorbing the full brunt of afternoon sun. 

So,we gave him a surprise this time around...I even put in a brand new bed cover to spruce things up. (  Abang is  very particular about having one on top of his bed sheet) . He arrived home by bus after Asr and stepped in his room. We were waiting to hear what he was going to say. If it was Adik, we would be sure of the reaction as she is one expressive girl, but Abang is totally on the opposite. So we heard nothing at all....and he came out to have dinner and Abah had to ask him! And he looked at us and gave a w-i-i-i-i-d-e smile with his big shining eyes that said a thousand words. And Abah, Adik and Mama have a BIIIIG laugh!!

That's our Abang, who very rarely ask for anything and always very appreciative when is given something. May Allah increases His rahmah on him, InsyaAllah...


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Thanks November Zulu....(for coming and reading our silly stories...:)