Friday, November 12, 2010


Yes folks, its me, Grey...  and last week, I was in  pain.
It was my right front hurt so much when I moved. I'm better now, thus able to write this account of my once-a-year sickness. See, I got sick around this time too last year. (Hemm, thats a thought...based on the amount of attention lavished on me, I should make it a yearly event!)

Unlike humans (err..a woman in particular), we cats are very good at hiding pain,but there's no fooling that lady! Mama noticed my limping straight-away. I tried to tell her that it's no big deal but she wouldnt listen to any of it. She wanted to run to the vet immediately. Abah stopped her, saying,"let us wait for two three days, it may be nothing"...As she very much wants to be one isteri solehah, she reluctantly agreed. But, literally on the third day, ( and I was still limping and had a slight fever by then) a visit to the vet was on the top of her to-do list of the day.

The vet  did a thorough check-up and declared that I'm a healthy 6-year-old cat with a body score of 3 year-old . Do you hear that, I am officially an awet muda cat, seriously!!!

The limping was nothing serious, it might just be a traumatic injury following my misjudging a distance and fall not so gracefully on the feet as usual. So said the vet.

But my Mama wasnt buying it!! She tried to put forward her theory but the vet was  in a hurry to finish as he was going out to  to do a housecall or barncall or whatever a vet does...He calmly assured Mama that everything was okay, gave me an injection for the fever, recommended a tasty high energy dietary supplement ( I like!!!)  and left.

You see, in those three days of observing  and fussing over me and worrying and crying and doing solat hajat, ( if you think Mama is over-reacting, you should see Adik...she was expecting the worse.
She even wrote an entry in her blog implying that I might die...oh, how could you Adik!) , Mama had also been doing her housewifey research on the net . And she came to the conclusion that I have all the symptoms of Feline Osteoarthritis.

She observed that my limping was worse upon arising from rest.  I didnt move very much, let alone jump, and had obvious pain when walking. I just stay put  either  on Mama's or Adik's beds, curling at their feet at nights and leaned against the pillows on the days, gravitating towards the warm spots. I wouldnt eat at all. (but they carried me to the bowl and pleaded with me to eat.) I neither poo nor pee on those three days. And Mama said, I had some sort of personality changes...whatever she means by it.

Mama tried to emphatise with me. She put herself in my shoes (not that I'm wearing any, and even if I do, our sizes would vastly differ), and said she could actually feel the pain. Such a drama mama she is!! She thought that as our age are approximately the same ( when you convert the cat years to human years that is. I could tell Mama's age directly here but Mama would ban me from this blog forever....yes, she's a bit vain..please forgive her, she cannot help it, being a Libran), we'd be having common ailments.

My Mama, you see, suffers from plantar fasciitis. ( yes, go google it now!)  She brushed aside the suggestions that her insistence on wearing unsuitable footwear read high-heels and her err..excess weight are the main contributing factors. She instead, is convinced that her  alternate day brisk-walking on the treadmill is the main cause, made worse by her small feet  and reluctantly admits that her age too, might has something to do with it. 

Now, she thoughts we share the same constant sprinting here and there, my small feet (seriously Mama, have you ever seen cats with large feet?), my age and my eerr... rotund body, which I totally disagree . For the umpteenth time, I state, I AM NOT overweight!

Even if I am, it is a universal truth that FAT CATS ARE BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately though, the same cannot be said to human. Umm, I'm so sorry you are not a cat Mama....
No, that's not the real colour of my eyes!! Mama really is a bad photographer!

My point here is, Mama IS wrong. I dont suffer from osteoarthritis. I'm still too young to get it. Deal with it Mama!!! Even if our age are in the same bracket, I am much healthier than you are, due to my healthy eating, exercising lots more than you and stress-free life I am blessed with. Scratch your plan for my weight loss or exercise regimes. You, on the other hand, SERIOUSLY need them....

Okay folks...before you think that I am cruel to Mama and sound a bit smug, I must tell you that I really do appreciate Mama's efforts ( however misguided it was) and I'm showing it...So much so, that I have broken quite a few of my feline principles so far.

I have become the opposite of aloof cat I was before.

Nowadays, I'm a sweeter cat. I let them rub my abdomen, which they are crazy about. 
Please note that not everybody is welcome.....

(The rubbing/scratching area used to be limited to neck and head areas only .) I've started licking Mama's  and Adik's hands and feet daily to show my affection. ( Abah, though, is not priviliged to this affectionate behaviour as he doesnt deserve it. He didnt do any solat hajat for my speedy recovery) I let all of them carry me for as long as they like,( I'm doing away with the 5 minutes time frame) without me struggling hard to wrench myself free from their suffocating embraces. (Abah is included here as he did give me some massages and enquired after me everyday during those limping days.) 

Okay, I think thats enough to quench the longing someone has for my writing....(*wink to Miss Cat expert in Wangsa Maju)
I'm gonna have my beauty sleep now.... I'll have a short nap in Mama's wardrobe,the coziest spot in the whole universe. Since recovering, they've been spoiling me rotten. Mama,  happily lets me in whenever I want to, which she totally prohibits before (mental note: must get sick more often)
InsyaAllah, starting tomorrow, I'll have some peace and quiet for one week. Abang is arriving tomorrow and all attention will shift to him. I'm not complaining though...these people are too much sometimes!

Till we meet again...enjoy your weekend and Selamat Berkorban. Dont forget to fast on the Days of Tarwiyah and 'Arafaah ie 8th and 9th of Dzulhijjah.




seorangnenektua said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

hi grey! you look sooooo pampered.he he he.Lucky to be you.Loved by everyone.and the best of all With no sin ever counted!. Oh.. I envy you grey...

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

tak sempat nak baca habis ada kejelah pulak. Anyway, grey, I hope you are as healthy as that vet persisted. do take care when next time you want to jump from higher places, aim correctly and wisely.

nz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


allahu akbar..

grey, u r so cuteeeee.

may we be ur fren? i'm tam.. my sister is girl. :)

(tam n girl are my beloved sweetheart at home)


Grey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yes Nek,Alhamdulillah, I'm blessed indeed. Sometimes I cannot that I was once a stray. And yes, being unaccountable of what I do in this life is the thing that my mama envies me most..apart from the fat = beautiful!!

Kak Chik,
Once I write,I cannot stop. So, dont worry if you cannot finish reading it. Its mostly rubbish anyway...and thanks for the advice. Will try to remember them!!

eerr,I have no interest in male companion nowadays...but Tam's sister is more than welcome to be friends with me. But how ah? My Mama bans me from the facebook!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

He he Mr Grey,

I like ur N3. During my last trip to KL, I bought a book about Dewey, the world famous library cat, and finding time to read.

My two female cats are now on Megecat (the master won't hear about operation and GA) and that tackled their high libido...they are much more sociable now..and less revengeful behaviour...

Selamat Hari Raya Korban

Azie Nazri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hahahahahahahaha, couldnt stop laughing all the way.
You, Dr. Grey, are a one lucky cat! Having all that love and attention, no wonder you're so fluffed up and chubby.(admit it, you're just saying all that to Mama to make you feel better).

Well, happy to see you getting well. With all the doas and solat hajat, Im sure you'll be runnin and kickin soon.

Tell your mama, I wish her and her lovely family the best Eiduladha will you? :)

Grey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Prof H,
Thanks for visiting...and I love all your cats...but,we are world apart, they are all from good breed whereas I was once,just a stray cat, before being picked up and loved by Mama's family...

Teacher Azie,
Alhamdulillah...I'm back to my usual healthy self. But really, I am not fat!!!
My mama said Happy Eidul adha to you too. ( eerr..I kinda smell nasi minyak from the north...with my powerful olfactory system, I'm rarely wrong....)