Sunday, November 1, 2009


I didnt post any entry last month not for the lack of ideas to write on or because nothing ‘interesting’ happened . It was quite contrarily so!!

The month of October began with Mama getting one year older, and wiser hopefully…. We then took off to Penang for two days and then resumed the journey to celebrate the last days of Syawwal with relatives in KL. Oh, we enjoyed ourselves so much! We went to Mak Uda’s and gobbled up her many types of kueh raya and Adik joined her cousins beraya to their friends house. Meeting aunties and cousins at Tok Zam’s open house and eating her delicious offerings was the next agenda. From there, we tagged Tok Su’s entourage beraya sampai ke Tanjung Malim.
 Having lived all his live before in the UK, Imran couldnt contain the excitement of seeing live ducks for the first time @ Pak Usop's in Tg Malim.

By the time Kak Long Fazrin and Kak Chik Illa dropped us at The Royale Chulan, we could barely open our eyes. Off we were to la la land. Oblivious to something sinister taking place in our home at the very same time.

By 10 am the next day, fully rested and fed , we started our east bound journey home. Planned well by Abah so as to avoid the morning traffic congestion. So far so good….
As we reached Bentong, the phone started ringing and we got the news.
Our neighbour just discovered that our home had been broken into . And the car that we parked on the porch was not there!!
All of us were like, oh oh….and automatically recited Innaalillaahi wainnaa ilaihiraaji’un.
And the next question on everybody’s lip was, “ What about Grey? Is she safe??”
When Uncle Azman assured us that our beloved Grey is fine and fat as usual, we were able to breathe normally again…..

To cut the story short….we reached home around 6 pm amidst heavy downpour that reduced the visibility almost to zero especially in Kuala Krai.
We started counting not what we lost, but the things/blessings that we still have. Mama, house-proud as usual, was very thankful that the house is still very much in order, unlike what she had been picturing in her mind all along the journey. The bad men seemed to be in a hurry to leave the house after they saw the car keys, thus leaving our house almost intact . (Mama didnt need to count the golden ornaments lost as she doesnt have much of those to begin with.) Abah was thankful that our passports were not taken as we are going to need them for our overseas trip soon. And so relieved was him that the other car’s ( the one we brought with us) spare key was not taken. We have been greatly spared. Abang and Adik of course mauled Grey and kissed her repeatedly. Abang checked and found his duit raya still intact in their packets and Adik was so happy that her diary was not taken!! It was beyond us to understand why the thief would want to take her diary…..

We are so thankful that we have caring neighbours.. Almost all of Taman Syifaa’ s residents turned up to console us….and the good thing that came out later was, a meeting was held and a committee was set up to beef up the security in our area. The YB who stays in our neighbourhood pulled his weight and summoned MPKB to come and clean all the bushes and tall tress in vacant lots which had been providing perfect hiding spots for those drug addicts while they spied/planned to attack our homes. Its about time actually….most of the homes in Taman Syifaa’ had been broken into and the police actually did nothing significant to counter it or to solve the crimes though the clues were all there.

All in all, what we should be thankful of, was the taufeeq given by Allah that prompted us to seek His help with sabr and solaat soon as the bad news reached us . Abah stopped at the next mosque we passed and all of us did the Solaat Hajat , asking for His assistance and strength to face this test. The rest of the journey was filled with our reciting Istighfar and Innalillahi……with full conviction that everything is from Him and belongs to Him alone and what is meant for us will be ours if He ordains it. We also recited Allahumma’jurnii fii musiibati wakhluflii khairumminha after checking the correct pronounciation with Ayah Chik Razif. We talked about how Allah has been keeping us and our properties safe for so long that we took it for granted. We looked back on our ‘amaals and found loopholes here and there. Adik even pointed out that we didnt do the full sleeping ‘adaab the night before. Oh, how neglectful were we. The comfort of a 5-star hotel had robbed us from our routine. It just goes to show how weak our imaan is and how much harder we should strive to better ourselves. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, for putting us through this test and woke us up…..and for letting us see the beauty of your promises that came true sooner than we expected. The car turned up at the Kelantan riverbank after went missing for only two days, minus all tyres.

So, that is the tragedy, if you could call it one…..
The other tragedy is….No, its not a tragedy…its a good thing actually. We finally sent Abang to the madrasah….Abang is now, huhu.... almost 400km aways from us…..

I must stop here lest the keyboard be drenched………….
Till then.
(will write up a piece on Abang soon as I overcome this feeling of emptiness…..)


sakinah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

if u love someone let go....feel the grief so that it is easier to heal...takes time....

Jannah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

salam Kak An.. Im always looking forward to your posts, and mashaAllah sorry to hear abt what u went thru.. but inshaAllah its always all good in Allah's qadr no matter how bad it seems to be and your post just proved that :) Nonetheless, may Allah continue to grant you n your family dunya akhirat.

Im gonna miss hearing abt abang too but i hope its not gonna be so bad.. inshaAllah u prolly will have more to write abt him who knows? :)

Oh and happy belated birthday! May Allah continue to bless your beautiful soul as long as life subsists, Ameen.

Remember me in your du'as as well :)

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

thanks for understanding...and the wise words. Really appreciate the effort you took...coming all the way from Pasir Mas in heavy rain just to say comforting words....I know you love me and I feel blessed by that...
Love you too sis.

Ameen to your du'a. Let us always pray for each other for it is one of the du'as that will always be answered by HIM.

Abam Kie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Salam ziarah. Blog anda sgt menarik. Jemputlah dtg ke blog saya pula. Jom kita saling jadi follower? Buat MOU, OK? Thanks.

Zuki (