Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is another no-brainer filler post…..

Well, I dont mean to brag, but I do keep to my new year resolution to feed my family more natural food and be kinder to environment as a whole.

On the days that I felt extra conscious on these issues, I went shopping for groceries with carefully drawn shopping lists. And it made for shorter shopping times!! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

I went to Pasar Tani and bought produce from all those makciks who grow their own veges on small scale in their backyards. And I bought wild freshwater fish, not the farmed ones. Organically reared ducks too.

I brought a shopping-cart with me and put the groceries directly into it, refusing plastic bags wherever possible and get either grateful or guilty reactions from the makciks. They would thank me for saving their plastic bags and/or offer me something else to make up for it. So I end up with some free veges. See, it helps to be kind to the environment. We got rewarded instantly!!

I brought the ‘green bag’ when I go shopping in the supermarket for those stuff that I couldnt get at the farmer’s market. Crammed it full to the brim with wholewheat pasta,wholemeal pitta, tempeh wrapped in banana leaves, freshmilk and some other organic produce. I actually hate it that I have to go to tesco to get them as other supermarkets in KB do not stock these items. (I am now actually boycotting tesco for not responding to my emails complaining of something despite their promise to reply all emails within two weeks!!)
And here are what I cooked on one of the weekends that I felt particularly environmental friendly and health conscious and extra rajin……

organic soybean sproutStir-fried organic soybean sprouts.....

Braised organic duck breast...yummy!!

the works......
We also got grilled wild catfish and acar pisang benggala that I bought ready-made from one of the makciks at the farmer’s market. And, as I am crazy about veges, I made another dish of pucuk paku goreng with extra chilly that I end up eating alone as nobody else could tolerate the hotness of it….

Well, we dont usually eat many dishes in one meal but as I said, it was one of those weekends…and it doesnt happen very often. I feel obliged to cook something extra on weekends that we are actually home ( quite rare too) after feeding all of you simple meals throughout the week. We eat mostly pasta and pitta dipped in either fish curry or beef/lamb stew that I usually made in huge quantities and freeze and ration it out throughout the weeks.
And I did go an extra mile and actually cooked/baked organic dessert….an achievement indeed for me!!
Abah’s all time favourite, lepat pisang.......(as he has been hinting many times before that I cooked too much western kuehs that he doesnt dig!!)
Yes, the flour is inorganic, I know….but everything else is…bananas from our backyard of course!

Bingka Ubi Kayu....(Ok, I didnt make this one on the same day...the fact must be accurate, ada auditor baca this blog maa...wink* to youknowwhoyouare)
It smelled Oh so good!! It’s my first time actually….
….( this one is almost hundred percent organic. I used grated tapioca wildly growing in our orchard, extract colour and fragrance from pandan leaves and a bit of coconut milk…well, got to use a bit of inorganic sugar for some sweetness.)
I think this is the most natural food I ever cooked!

That’s all….hope it satisfies you Adik…I posted my entry for April!! Stop bothering me now!!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

kak an, you've just made me feel hungry! and it's only 11.56am and here I am with a mug of vico. everything looks delicious and yummy especially the lepat pisang, I love lepat pisang.
btw, I'm boycotting tesco too ever since the genocide in palestine started several months ago.

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yes, lepat pisang is a hit with everyone in this household. Such a humble kueh yet so sedap and filling and quite healthy too....compared to those fat and sugar laden cakes!!

Jannah said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Kak An, i can almost smell your lepat pisang and bingka ubi! looks good for a first timer (that bingka ubi) =D

btw when u said inorganic, what do u meant by that? that its manufactured commercially isit? thanks for encouraging such consciousness!

Elham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I got two text messages right after the post was published,sort of accusing me of 'tantalising' them...don wan lah post anything about food anymore...(i'm sulking now if u dont know)hehe.. my book, organic food means those produced/farmed without the use of artificial fertiliser and pesticides.

Michelle Therese said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My husband has recently converted his farm to organic!