Friday, December 26, 2008


2008/1429H is waving us goodbyes.....Alhamdulillah, it has been a good year.

The year started for us with Abah beginning his sabbatical. Mama was ecstatic thinking Abah could then spend more times at home. Alas, it was not the case. He had to dash here and there, in and out of the country. And then, from early May to mid August he became a weekend hubby/father to us. It was heavily taxing on him. All the driving from KB-IPOH and vice versa. And fulfilling the demands from the 'forsaken' family...hehehe, we were bad,weren't we??

Anyway...we had enough of separation, don't wanna be separated ever again...unless it was for our deen as in Abah going out on khuruj fi sabilillah. We were terribly lonely without Abah around and it was during that time this blog was born, coaxed by Adik..... And, oh, I have a confession to make.....When Abah's research trip to Makkah was cancelled at the very last minute, I was actually glad and I'm quite sure that both Abang and Adik shared my feeling...( hung head in shame...) 

So, Abah, if you are reading this, WE ARE SOWWYY.....But, (ada but tu) I did pray for the best course to happen and He decided it. The thing is, we were not quite ready to be apart from you again soon after being reunited . InsyaAllah, when you go in January next year for that postponed trip, we'll be ready.

As far as school works is concerned, Abang has shown a tremendous improvement in Mathematics, Science and English but still very weak in BM. You got to work harder on it as you'll be sitting for UPSR next year. 
Mama is constantly worrying about this but Abah, as usual, is taking it very lightly, hemmph....but we have agreed though, that Abang will be attending a tuition class for the Bahasa subject. Mama has finally won the argument on tuition thingy!!! As for Adik, you have done very well academically,topping the class in every test and exam the whole year long. Way to go Adik!!! BUT,( ada but lagi) you still have to work harder on other things.

I dont wish to sound like a broken record here, so I'm not repeating them here. You know them by heart now anyway.....

On the other hand, Abang has been very good on that other things. I wish Abang will continue guiding Adik and you Adik, will duly follow Abang's examples instead of arguing and arguing!! 
I've recorded most events happening to us in 2008 in previous posts. Nothing dramatic happened to us ( except for the few that I made up...) Not until last few weeks when we were shocked to our bone with the news of landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa. Our own Ayah Long, (Mama's eldest brother) resided very close to that tragic site. 

Alhamdulillah, nothing untoward happened to them and they have moved on since. As if it wasn't enough, about a week after that, there were reports in newspapers about the same incident in Desa Melor in Rawang where Cik Lah and family recently moved into. Frantic calls were made and we were assured that everything was fine with them. When we then visited them, we saw that the site was quite far from Cik Lah's place. Mak Tok and Tok Ayah were worried sick with all those misfortunes happening around their children and they couldn't be within reach. Abang Hasif then added more drama by being warded at Kuala Kubu Baru hospital for dengue fever with platelet dropped very low. Mak Tok was reduced to tears by then and getting ready to go to KL.
But Alhamdulillah, everything ended well.
It was a good thing that most of Mak Tok's children decide to spend the school holidays at home with her, one family at a time, taking turn. The company make her smiles again.

We then went to KL and visited some families residing there. Mama went on a gastronomic trip with who else but kak chik Illa. Abah had to run to Ipoh for 3 days as the people from Perak Royal Medical College asked him to do some teaching. Meanwhile, Abang and Adik were having an overdose of cartoons and computer games with cousins in the same age group.

We made it to KL on record time of 6 1/2 hours with 3 stops. We started at 5 am, stopped for fajr prayer at Kuala Krai, then looked for tapai beras (for a certain someone who mengidam to eat them) at pasar Gua Musang and a quick toilet break. Breakfast was taken on the car. There were very little traffic on the road.

It was a completely different story on our way home. We were made to experience the agony our relatives have been suffering on every festive season. As soon as we got off the highways, we were faced with very dark cloud in Bentong . A stark contrast with sunny KL. The drizzles soon followed and never stop until we reached home. The car crawled with thousands other holiday makers. We saw at least 5 accidents. Abang And Adik slept away most of the journey, making up for the self-deprived sleep during the holidays. Mama, tightly wrapped in pashmina, fought the sleepiness and made small talk to prevent Abah from dozing off in that sleep conducive environment. At dusk we reached Mak Tok's place and by 8pm we were at our doorstep, noisily and excitedly greeted by Grey which clearly has been missing us as we missed her.

The new year will soon set in. Let us all pray that we will be better persons next year, in all aspects. I hope to be a better mother to both of you. The one that able to nurture your abilities and mould you to become good individuals.
InsyaAllah, the year 2008 will end in a good note as we just got news that our home has been chosen to host a masturat jamaat from Penang to camp in our house for 3 days starting Monday. will be the 1st of, its a good start for the islamic year as well.

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