Friday, April 4, 2008


Adik: "Mama,what have you been reading?"

Mama: "ADIK!! You are supposed to be sleeping!!"

Adik: " "Cant sleep, I miss Abah so much....."

Mama: " Me too...but you have to sleep now or else you have to go back to your room..."

Adik: "Ok,ok...but tell me what you have been reading,I saw you smiling..."

Mama: "I was reading blogs.......

Adik: "What's blogs?"

Mama: "Emm..something like the journal that you have,but people put them on the the way,did you write something new recently?"

Adik: "Yes,I did....Mama,you always read my journal,let me read yours"

Mama: "I dont have any..."

Adik:"You make one now...Abang and me will read them"

Mama: "I'm not good at writing....and I dont know what to write.."

Adik: "It's easy just write whatever you always tell us...your story,our story,Abah's story ,about Grey........"

Mama:"Ok, go back to sleep.I'll write something,but I cant promise to write regularly like you"

Adik: "Night Mama..."

So,Adik,here I am ...making good of my promise few nights ago.Read it...hahaha...I just reproduced our conversation....told ya,unlike you, I dont know what to write.You always have something to write...well,at your age,life is so full of new findings...keep it up.
As for me,I'll try to write something every now and then ,maybe answering your questions(andAbang's too) which keep coming all the times,some of which I just couldnt find an answer to. Or just cannot find the appropriate answer,one that you could digest...Till then,be good and go finish your homework!!

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